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Dean Chiang
I take pictures everywhere, run anywhere, stop nowhere.
I take pictures everywhere, run anywhere, stop nowhere.

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It is done, completed this night. Many hours of torture, underdressed in howling winds. Thousands of miles of driving. F-I-F-T-Y ACTUAL HOURS of editing Lightroom, Photoshop, and Nik effects. 5 frames. 5 pieces of 13"x19"premium paper. 3 ink cartridges.

Spans nearly 8ft across the wall above my bed.

Every morning I will wake up to a sunrise and a sunset, rising to the coming adventure.

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Yes, that is me in a tutu... WTF...

Thanks Z, Hiyasmin, Andrew, Jesse, and all the other costumed freaky friends for the badass time!

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Guess it's one of those nights... I realize I am exceeding my maximum # posts per day threshold (<= 1 post per day) but as I sat eating my steak and chicharron fried in its drippings over kale salad, drinking a Bruery Rueuze sour blonde ale (fucking good btw), listening to Debussy, my artsy side started whispering into my ear once more... so, continuing my last post, in the spirit of revisiting the past, we have the repurposed Sees to East:

The previous rendition was in color, and I thought it was "pretty" but not quite stirring and didn't pull me closer for want to explore. But I knew it was a great shot, so back to the developer it went. And finally, I came across the new formula--more highlights and light outlining the shapes and giving life, and at the same time far more tactile texture found its way to the surface...

I love it. Hope you do too.

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It's been a bit over a month since I started my new life up here. Life is slowly evolving, and plunging myself in new waters apparently didn't force change in me as instantaneously as I thought it would. I did try cronuts for the first with Charles Spurgeon this morning (btw, thanks for taking time out--I know the new baby's got you busy man)!!!--been wanting to try one for so long! I was going to go to the observatory but had a sudden hit of inspiration to rework an old image...

She cuts your meat. She is washed in blood, saving the dead from oblivion. She is soaked in life and spiced with death:

Damn... now I want steak--who wants some meat tonight!?

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Hey all... so yesterday I dragged myself to Point Lobos State Natural Reserve and took a few pics. Was looking for a sunset but turned out to be quite ominous and seemed like it might rain. Drove through 70mi of stop-and-go traffic too. ...Pretty crappy getting there. Anyway, tried to make the most out of it... hope you guys like:

Also a little bit of a story @ my blog:

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Hi. Since I was not getting much exposure with my main website @, I am augmenting my presence in the photography world with my new account will remain my main showcase, but please look also to for a community of amazing artists of all kinds.

Caught up!

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(February 2014):

Morning! Went to Venice on Sun. It was already getting dark so the typical denizens that we went to see were packing up, but a different crowd started to take over and the new scene emerged...
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