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"Most of what follows is true."
"Most of what follows is true."
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I saw this infographic online explaining the differences between the Beretta M9 and the Sig Sauer P320.

I found it pretty interesting.

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When the article starts with, "Gun violence is one of our nation’s most significant and vexing public health problems.", you just know it's going to be unbiased and packed full of accurate information, as well as logical, well thought out opinions...

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I'm not sure how I feel about this...on one hand, I can see it being helpful, but on the other hand, it seems like it has a huge potential for misuse and abuse by those in power.

Not to mention the question of how it plays with the whole 4th Amendment/unreasonable search and seizure issue. If it's only used at places people can choose to be or avoid, that's one thing, but if it's deployed into the general public and used by law enforcement to target anyone carrying a gun, that seems like it's something entirely different.

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Good news out of Florida.

Just goes to show what a little education about, and familiarization with, guns in a safe, positive environment can do.

Nice work to these people down in Florida!

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Now this is the kind of article I LIKE to see!

More than a million legally owned suppressors in the U.S., and only 44 were used in crimes last year.

The ATF releasing information like this, as well as the paper released last week or the week before by a senior ATF official recommending suppressors be deregulated, gives me hope that the HPA act will go through sooner, rather than later.

It almost seems like the ATF is doing what they can to give (the Republicans in) Congress the political cover they likely want to have when they pass the HPA.

Unsurprisingly, Everytown's, and the anti-gunners, take on it is that suppressors are used so rarely in crimes because the current laws work and should therefore not be repealed.

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Another hit piece on the Second Amendment. The fear-mongering toward, and denigration of, gun owners is simply amazing to behold.

While it'll likely piss you off to read it, it's a very good look into the mind and "logic" of an flawed as it is.

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Anyone remember that scene in The Princess Bride when Miracle Max's (Billy Crystal) wife runs out and yells, "Liar! LIAR!!!"?

That's sorta what I feel like when I read headlines and articles like the ones talked about in this article.

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Well here's a movie I won't be seeing...

Box office flop in 3...2...

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Yet another reason to hope the Hearing Protection Act goes through. And quickly!

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Want the NFA repealed? We have a better chance now than ever before.

Go here and sign this petition.
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