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Deakin University . hung out with 9 people. <a class='ot-hashtag' href=''>#hangoutsonair</a>David Nicholls, Shane Bazzi, Shannon Cooper, david jamison, Anton Calabrese, Tracey Vandenberg, Ricky Campbell-Allen, Ehon Chan, and Myra Robinson
Prime Minister Julia Gillard Answers Google+ Hangout with OurSay, Deakin University & Fairfax Media
Deakin University and 9 others participated
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Under what law does the federal government ask university to terminate fully paid up HECS/CPS students?
Yes its basically a set up for questions they can see coming
Why are you still standing in office when you have a charge of treason pending when the law states If you have a charge of treason then you can not sit in office?
How can you lift an elephant with one hand?
You say you support Education yet under what law does the federal government ask Universities to terminate fully paid up HECS/CPS students?... The federal government as my university to terminate me from my medical degree and offered my university money to terminate me from my Medical degree. I only had 18 months left and was a HECS CPS student. I found this out by FOI, executed on the Federal Govt and my University.
It is not a problem, since you will never find an elephant with one hand.
Why is gay marriage not allowed

Why don't you send teenage criminals that have commited crimes overseas to the families struggling in Africa and all those continents and there countries to show them how they live,
Tayla Stephenson
PM with regards to the indexation for ex service men and women please explain what I, at 65, do with the recent increase of $0.41 per week? 
Come on people where are your balls say what you really want and how your really feel. 
PM You talk about the cost of paying indexation to ex service personal as being $6b What is the total cost of the recent salary rise to politicians which is $11m per year?
what sort of needs and wants does a $500,000 dollar salary promote!!!
Could someone hand the cameraman a tissue?
Seriously, listen to yourself, Julia you need to get some voice lessons. Your accent combined with the cadence and diction makes me want to put a sharp object in my ears.
Heterosexual relations promote natural population growth, what the hell does a damn piece of paper or a vain wedding change for any gay couple?????
Hi julia, i have lots of respect for you being the first woman prime minister in australia but you and your government have lost their way in both your decision making and handlering of problems but my question is that currently japan have a very high internet speed connection, how will your proposed network broadband help australia to become a leading nation in technology and by how much will it speed up internet connection speed in both surburbian and rural areas??
is there statistics about the education reforms for 2011
i am more confused the never about our prime minister, she doesn't answer the question or give a solution, instead she tells stories about the problem which we already know!
you are right. The diplomatic answer model
Disappointing overall, Missed opportunity to clarify her party,s Policy / Direction, failed to really answer questions fully !
Funny how some of my responses have been taken down goes to show democracy is not alive in Australia. The party has to face the fact that she is the most unpopular pm in Australian history with out a doubt.
hahahah yeah, very suspicious. fascists call it spam just so they can take it down 
So is this your attempt to dismiss my concerns I haves researched earched.
Now do your research. How can your resect a gov that dose not respect the people. How ever O do not feel as though I was rude or disrespect full considering. Wher have all our rights gone. The carbon tax was lied about "there will no tbe a carbon tax under my Government" I am angry at the fact the people are not listened to the constitution is being slowly eroded and the protections connected to it. Where is our freedom of speech. we do not have THEM do we. WAKE UP PEOPLE SHE WAS NOT VOTED IN FOR A START.
Housing is a big one Tom. There are very cheap eco-friendly ways to build housing for poor and homeless people, but I think the government has to build it. As soon as they contract it out, the cost goes astronomical 
very polite and no I wont The truth will be heard 
dismissed how soo very Democratic
That is just a very small part of the research I have done have you researched your self. I think not
I'm a political scientist, will that do? 
+Joel Harvey Seriously, my eleven year old son expresses himself more clearly than you do.
Or to put it in your native tongue: lern hou 2 englis!!1!1!!
Thanks PM for finally clarifying your thoughts on Marriage Equality to a point where I am now confident I could never ever vote for you. I don't believe you are telling the truth, merely placating the religious factions within Labor. As much as I can't stand the thought of TA as prime minister it nearly seems inevitable. Be a leader the people will want you to be, not who the Labor power brokers want you to be.
Treason is an act of war on the Commonwealth ' weather an act of war has been declared of not!
She said she wanted to preserve the "culture" of marriage as an institution. That's a new take on the whole argument. Is culture just a euphemism for Christian law over the private sphere? 
who cares as long as the message gets across. personal attacks on ones articulation is a bit pore considering we are suppose to be a Democratic country. my articulation is a result of the Australian education system. regardless how you try to attack me I am who I am and if you don't like that IT IS YOUR PROBLEM NOT MINE YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL FOR YOUR SELF
Thank you for clearing that up. John Fanavans But I don't NEED any thing from any one.  Although my spelling sux my mind is very sound. Not all of us communicate the same. I know first hand the The message I have posted Have been taken very seriously regardless of how it has been presented.
Carbon is heavier than all the other lighter gasses. If it was not then trees would die life would not be on this planet. In fact NASA have concluded that the whole solar system is heating up. You have been grossly misinformed as to the reason for the carbon tax. secondly slavery in it modern form is alive in Australia ever since the backing of gold was taken and replaced with peoples work. If the government can make money from nothing and back it agents instructor, weather in place or being prepared. we don't need so much tax. And certanly do not need the reserve bank since we have no gold.
John Fanavans no probs I remember who you are now
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