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I don't normally share these sorts of things, but my friends over at +10x10 Room are just 22 hours away from closing out their first Kickstarter for +Conclave, their new browser-based tabletop-style roleplaying game. And they're tantalizingly close to reaching their goal (63%), which is normal at this stage, but it does require that last surge to get over the top.

With some great press from +WIRED and +GameHead today [1,2], I expect them to cross the finish line with ease. But now's your chance to be a backer of a worthy project--who doesn't want to support a modern take on the old-school pen and paper RPGs we all grew up with?

All the best to +Nick Branstator and +Derek Bruneau and team during the final 22 hours of the Kickstarter. See you in Orn!

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