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Can you figure out what space this is a picture of?

Photo credit (not mine) and link to the answer in the comments.  Click to view large and take a guess first, though.

No spoilers, please. Give people a chance to figure it out if they want to.
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Er, probably should add not to post spoilers in the comments, lest someone read them before taking a guess.
Based on my expert knowledge of luthiering and my keen insight into +DeWitt Clinton's personality, I believe this to be a guitar he made himself.
+Ian Atkin (a) The answer was already explicitly exposed above by someone, within seconds of the original posting.  (b) Nobody holds a gun to your head (I assume) and forces you to click a link that I provided named in such a way as to provide no clue as to what the image is in any case.  So nobody's enjoyment was spoiled by Image Search, and you don't even have to use it.
That's it, I'm going back to playing Diablo.  : )
+DeWitt Clinton In fact, I didn't even use Image Search until after I saw the obvious in retrospect comment that was posted (that is now apparently removed), and only used Image Search to locate the specific source afterwards.
+Lauren Weinstein What was the original source, btw?  I'd like to give them credit if the imgur link I posted isn't the original.
Found some more details.  Looks like redditor 'thenadamgoes' took the photo and posted the following explanation (hidden behind a short link, because both the url and the text itself give it away):
I would never have guessed!
If it were in Second Life, we could hang out in there... with trance music... and a margarita bar.... and furries..... (oh, have I said too much now?)
Guitar and alien space ship internals look an awful lot alike.
I thought it was some kind of performance space, which is sort of right...
I would have guessed its a Secret Underground Laboratory. With a skylight...
Thought it looked a bit like the stripped down set of the NC-1701D transporter room.
While I was guessing, first I thought inside of a wooden boat, then I thought piano, then I got my final and correct guess.
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