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I don't know what this thing is, but I do know that this kid is better at it than I will be at anything, ever.
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Wow, that is entirely amazing.
whatever that was, i want one. it's like a cross between a yo-yo, a jump rope and a top.
I'd recommend getting yourself a Diabolo; they're are a lot of fun, even when you're just starting out
Obviously an audience of jugglers since they applauded and appreciated the really tricky stuff :)
That is way freaking cool!
I'm surprised that some people don't know what is it. Every french have done a little bit of Diabolo because we have a circus initiation in high school.
Americans would consider it a juggling variant.  I messed with one just enough to learn that I should have bought better equipment (this is true of most things in juggling).  That said.. this kid is pretty amazing.
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