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Another winner from +Monoprice: A high-capacity (5000mAh) backup battery charger.  Good to keep all your phones and tablets topped off while on the go.

Via +Matt Mastracci:

And I just noticed that +Monoprice is posting a deal a day on their Google+ page.  Encircled.
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I still desperately want something like this for laptops for when I'm on a plane. Preferably something of laptop dimensions.
Well that's impressive. I ordered right after making this post at about 1:30 PM yesterday. Arrived at 9:41 AM this morning. Shipping was done using their lowest cost option, at $5.63. Well done, +Monoprice!
I loooove +Monoprice Their wall mounts, adapters, switches, routers; everything is dirt cheap and really well made. I've been shopping there for years. This battery is sweet.

+Bob Aman I've got an HP Envy 15 with the extended attachable bottom battery I'll sell you :)
I'm looking for something that'll plug into a mag safe jack really.
The 2.1A port seems to be only for Apple devices. See the comments.
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