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Oh, Debbie, whoever you are. Why oh why would you systematically go through and change all of your banking accounts to my email address?  What could you possibly have been thinking?
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oh oh....I had someone do that using my email once.....even with their employer.
Debbie-card fraud? Sorry, first thing that came to my mind.
+Chris Lewis I also have myfirstname@ both gmail and google, so I get crazy amounts of misaddressed mail to each.  What happens is people put a space (instead of a dot?) in email addresses a lot, which causes no end of fun. 
Check her bank account, if she is in the 1% you could play Robin Hood ;)
+Raul Marengo Lopez Or the other way around.  If she was about to bounce a check I could top off her account and save the day.  : )
And unfortunately it's near impossible to get in touch with the person to help them get things straightened out, since you don't know their correct email address.  I get a fair number of forwarded legal briefs from Judge William Norris in Los Angeles ( despite informing his secretary of the mistake :-\
Welcome to the club.

I get tons of emails to my gmail address that are clearly for some other Brian Sullivan. So many that I regret even choosing it as my address.  The curse of having a relatively common name. I shudder to think would someone with a name like John Smith suffers.

I try to reply to those that I think might be important (like emails from lawyers, about family emergencies and job applications) but sometimes I ignore those as well.
+Will Norris Indeed!  And nearly the same thing happened to me, where a lawyer in New Zeland repeatedly set her auto-forward to my address every few months for years, in spite of me contacting her and her admin over and over again.  Very confidential stuff was forwarded, it was unbelievable.  I seriously debated contacting her clients and telling them.
+Brian Sullivan Amen.  I try my best to reply and correct the situation on important ones, but it's hard to keep up.
I eventually setup this page which I direct people to:  Not quite as good as but it serves the purpose.

But again, that only works for getting email addressed to you incorrectly.  Wouldn't help in the above scenario of someone changing their email address with their bank.  (And for the love of all that is good and holy, why aren't any of these banks actually sending a verification email?!)
Thankfully this is one thing I haven't encountered yet. But seriously, like +Will Norris said, why would a bank of all things not send verification emails for these changes?
Maybe those are verification emails? I have had my share of those as well.
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