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My favorite new(s) site of the year, Nuzzel, is now available as an Android app.

More from +The Verge here:
Nuzzel is the super-easy way to see news from your friends. Discover the to...
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At last!!
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DeWitt Clinton

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This is fun.
How far would you have to travel to reach the Earth's core? And what would you see along the way? Discover what lies beneath...
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Looks nice, but seems massively broken on Chrome/Android.
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DeWitt Clinton

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FriendFeed was the best "social network" I ever used. Thank you, Bret, Paul, Ben, Ben, Sanjeev, Ana, Tudor, Kevin, Dan, Jim, Tudor, Gary, and Casey (sorry if I left anyone out!). 

You made something amazing and left a lasting legacy to be proud of. That all of you are all off doing it again in so many different places surprises no one.

Thanks for the memories!
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FriendFeed became 'NewsFeed' for me. It was where I turned for intelligent commentary and good pointers to information. I miss it. I've yet to find an alternative.

Hey someone entrepreneur out there, please create it.
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Normally the data from these surveys doesn't quite match what you'd see on the ground, but in this case it seems fairly accurate.

San Francisco takes the dubious top spot for rent prices again, with $3,460 for a 1BR, and $4,650 for a 2BR, beating New York and Boston and D.C.. Sure you can find marginally cheaper if you look (obviously, it's a median) but this really does feel about right, crazy as it is.

BTW, even though rents in SF are more than twice as high than in Seattle or Boston, wages are definitely not. So if you're looking to get out of the Bay Area, let me know. I'd be happy to introduce you to a recruiter or two.
Report Summary: In this edition of the Zumper National Rent Report, we have expanded our reach to include data from the top 50 metro areas across the United States. …
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Those numbers are ... big. I guess Toronto average rents for 1bdrms are $1000-1200 CAD or a bit higher depending if utilities are included but that is a third of NY or SF. wow.
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DeWitt Clinton

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I'm extremely excited today to see Google release gRPC, a new high-performance, low-latency, cross-platform RPC framework, alongside with the latest version of Protocol Buffers, as fully open-source software.

Read the blog post below for an overview, then visit and check out the source itself on to get started. 

HUGE congrats to +Mugur Marculescu and the amazing engineering team behind the release! I realize they're just getting started, but this is already a major milestone for the effort. Nice!
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DeWitt Clinton

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Little known Amazon Kindle hacks, part one (of one).

I've been looking at upgrading to the Kindle Voyage ( and finally decided to take the leap this week.

Unfortunately, the model I wanted, the "Wifi Only / Without Special Offers" edition, is backordered through mid-March.

But what's that? The "Wifi Only / With Special Offers" edition, which is the exact same physical hardware, is available for shipping immediately.

And the kicker? The ads can be disabled online for $20 at before the device even ships.

Update: I wrote up a first-impressions review here:
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The Voyage arrived last night and I had a chance to get to use it a bit. I wrote up my impressions here:
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DeWitt Clinton

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Introducing more options for deploying more great software to Google Cloud Platform, even more easily. Visit to give it a shot.

Big thanks also to our friends at +Bitnami​!

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Thanks Matt Mastracci 
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DeWitt Clinton

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I'm just an engineer, but the IPO market stills seems a bit dodgy to me.

Case in point is a stock like $BOX, which, at the underwriting bank's urging, was pre-sold ahead of the IPO at $14 to institutional investors. And as you recall, the business press made a lot of hay at the time about it rocketing to $23 on the first day of public trading, thus "leaving money on the table", which just means that Box the company didn't get it, but the institutional investors (the underwriting banks and their top partners and clients) did, and walked away with the gains of this huge 70% one-day pop.

Are the pre-sale investors locked up, or were they able to unload right away? If the later, the kicker is that $BOX is trading back in the $16 dollar range again, thus having taken public investors for the billion dollar difference in under two months.

Well played, banks. Well played.
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+Wes Winham: Hambrecht is (AFAIK) the only major bank to use Dutch auctions for their IPOs, and they've apparently done ~20 of them total, with the most recent I can find being Netsuite in 2007.
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DeWitt Clinton

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Since I don't know which pundit to believe (anywhere from "the second coming" to "meh" to "epic fail"), let's put it to an unscientific survey of you:

Will you buy an Apple Watch?
166 votes  -  votes visible to Public
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Yep. But I will buy the cheapest one possible. I've done a lot of speculation about the Apple Watch, but have not properly reviewed it yet. I can only honestly review new tech if I have tried a device out for awhile. Will I ultimately like or even use the Apple Watch? Only time will tell.
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Even this Android fan loves these iPhone photos.
Incredible photos and videos shot by iPhone 6 users.
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What happens when you combine a detailed-obsessed master craftsman like Adam Savage with the seemingly impossible challenge of precisely recreating the iconic hedge maze from Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece, The Shining? Brilliance happens, that's what.

Via Daring Fireball.
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DeWitt Clinton

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Kindle Voyage first-impressions mini-review

After figuring out a way to get it shipped quickly (, I received the Wifi-only Kindle Voyage last night. Here are my first impressions:


- Smallest and lightest kindle ever. At 180 grams, I don't think arm strain will ever be a concern. Easily fits in the back pocket of my jeans or the side pocket of my jacket.

- If you like e-ink—and I do—then this is as good as you've ever seen, and it can be read comfortably for as long as you'd be able to read a paper book.

- It's an Amazon Kindle, so the book selection and book prices are as good as anywhere, and they've pretty much nailed the multi-device shopping and reading experience (web, kindle, android and ios apps).

- Whispersync, which now also works to sync your place between text Kindle books and Audible audiobooks, is better than anything else. It just works.

- Screen redraws are now fast to the point that changing pages feels immediate, unless you're flipping through many at a time.

- Battery life. Of course I barely drained at all it in the last 12 hours of use, but it's safe to say this Kindle will be as good as all the ones before.

- It arrives signed-in and ready to go. I love that.


- I honestly expected more of the 300 DPI screen. I feel like I can still see rough edges around the fonts. Not that the e-ink screen was ever bad in that respect, I'm just surprised it's not more of an upgrade.

- The blotchiness of the Paperwhite's backlighting is gone, but it's replaced by just a bit of a gradual and inconsistent gradient. Better, but not perfect.

- I don't think Caecilia is really that nice a font.

- The new tactile buttons are fantastic if you are holding it in exactly the right way (with your thumb pads over the full button, fingers curled around the back) but inconsistent at best in any other position. I'm sure I'll get used to it, though.

- No color screen. I realize there will almost certainly never be a color e-ink screen, but I switched back to the Kindle app on my Nexus 7 for a while last night because I was reading a technical book that didn't work well in greyscale. This is a non-issue for most books, though.

- I find 90% of the extra features—the dictionary, highlighting, etc—to be marginal at best on the e-ink capacitive touchscreen because of crazy high latency, inconsistent hit targets, and (obviously) glacial framerates. I use those often on the Nexus 7 Kindle App, though, so they're not bad features, just less useful here.


- The "Getting Started" guide is unforgivable. Unbelievably long. And unskippable. It happens after you sign in, too, so it already knows I've been using a Kindle since the first one ever made. I got it, thanks.

- Auto-light-leveling isn't what I hoped for. So far it's never felt right, either while reading in bed, or reading at the table at breakfast, but it's not quite bad enough to go in and disable it. Maybe this can be patched?

- $220


If you already have a Paperwhite, I don't necessarily think it's worth the upgrade. If you don't have a Kindle yet and want an e-ink device, maybe get a Paperwhite instead at half the price. I plan to keep using the Voyage daily rather than sell it and go back, though. While it's the best e-ink e-reader ever made, I perhaps had higher expectations which weren't quite met.
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Piaw Na
+DeWitt Clinton my basic kindle just refuses to die so I'm sticking with it :-D 
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