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I have come to finish the work...
I have come to finish the work...

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Allo rocks!
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No offense... Ok, I do mean to offend. YouTube Live is SHIT. I can Facebook Live in 3 clicks. I gotta run fucking windows and third party software to YouTube Live. I run a community of about 1200 people on Facebook. You know how many click through to YouTube? NONE. You know how many watch my Facebook videos? 15%! Consistently!

Google needs to get it's beta head out of its beta ass and make a decent fucking product FOR ONCE!

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Ah shit, this might take me a few days to memorize...

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End of day #2... Heading to King's Island tomorrow, which should have MASSIVE PokeStops, lol. Might hit level 20. :)

So, I gotta learn what all these PokémonGo characters do. Guess I actually have to watch that show... :/
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Ingress Players Taking Candy From A Baby Weedle
Or Why We Easily Dominate PokemonGo

So apparently, people don't think they can drive and play. I've been told "No, you couldn't have been driving 70 miles an hour on the highway and catch a Zubat!"

And... "You can't just throw a bunch of people in van and farm an entire city." Really? You think not? 😎

And this gem, "You can't guess the location of pokestops!". While all Ingress portals aren't there, I've literally seen MY PORTALS, that I submitted and took the picture of, in PokemonGo, that are using MY picture!

Oh you sweet sweet native people. This is why former Ingress players will dominate this game for the first 6 months. We already know where the pokestops are, we already know how to adjust our driving speeds, how to "clown car", how to optimize farm mods (lures + incense + lucky eggs) on portals... Err. I mean pokestops, lol.

So while you all sit on that fountain at your local pokestops, (it's called farming... And I've found players already are learning that term), don't look in shock as I pull into a parking spot just out of view, take over your gym while you watch helplessly, and cruise away. ;)

I'm amazed how you all announce your presence at Gyms to other players before you attack them! Seriously? If I've learned ONE tactic over the years, is never, ever, ever announce your presence before an attack... EVER!

Sure, hang out at farms and make friends. But if you actually want to keep that gym, go in silent, go out silent. Make them wonder if you are still around, and sometimes, sit quietly to see if anyone shows up to fight back, wait for them to leave, then take it back again...

Trust me, done this long enough to know how to get and keep augmented reality territory.

(Edit: Oh, and get it in your mind now, you don't OWN PokeStops or Gyms. Before you get mad, go on a rampage, and threaten another player... You own NOTHING in the game except your phone. Remember, getting your stuff attacked ultimately HELPS you BOTH level.

I've seen an entire city color gridlocked, no territory being attacked. It's sucks, it sucks a LOT! For EVERYONE!)

Don't be mad when you see us use tactics and you don't know why, it took us months to learn sophisticated tactics. But we know how Niantic games work. We're people who played 10-20 hours a week for multiple years... And you, well... You still can't believe your playing a virtual game in the real world. We've lived in that reality with full metropolis takeover weekends with multinational coordination, real time command and control comms, strike planning, inventory planning, patrol scheduling...

We fought full scale augmented reality wars deploying resources over 1000 square mile areas when ya'll were still playing the Pokemon card games.

So, I'm a level 10 Yellow, my son aka DarthTomato, is now a level 6 Red... We're forming an Orange Alliance against Blue Team, lol.

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I can't tell, is this good for 90 minutes at the park on my first night? Bahaha!

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I did that in one weekday driving to work and back home. Imagine where I'll be in a week. ;) #PokemonGo #Instinct

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+Cory Ford​ ;)
When you're team instinct
#PokemonGo (I'm a proud member)

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Screw it... I'm not letting GPS games newbs own this game... Ikioi is now DivisionL, Team Instinct (Yellow)! Let's see you all go up against an original beta Ingress player who ruled 10% of an entire state for 2 years. #PokemonGo
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