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Today's weather was better, but I did not shoot this year's #Manhattanhenge

Instead, allow me to (re)share Manhattanhenge 2011 with you. I went through quite an ordeal to get this shot, which included being soaked by a heavy storm moments before sunset, and putting full trust in my camera's weatherproofing.
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Beautiful shot! Definitely wasn't last night.
Thank you +Gary Edberg, and no it wasn't even close to last night. Tonight had some partial cloud cover, but I didn't take my camera out. I'm satisfied with this one for now :)
Gr8 click... what a timing for a click.....
Thank you! The trails are actually bits of sunlight reflecting from passing vehicles that were turning. It was a serendipitous discovery.
Simply GORGEOUS!  You have a great "inner eye"!
Wow - what a great capture - I love this!
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