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On April 25th, I'll be visiting #sanfrancisco , and of course, I'll take my camera along. I'll only be there until the 28th, but I was curious if there were any particular places anyone likes to shoot. Could be daytime shots, early morning, long exposures, whatever. I'll have my cameras and tripod with me for the trip. If anyone lives there, or has been there and wants to recommend some places, feel free.
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If you go out to the last pier to the west (43? 45? something like that) at sunset you can get some gorgeous shots of the sunset through the Golden Gate Bridge, like

Get there well before sunset, as it tends to crowd up with lots of tripods. ;-)
Hi +DeShaun Craddock You really can't go wrong around here. Where I decide to go is really is weather and conditions dependent most of the time. I shoot all along the channel between SF bay and the ocean (The North American Strait). - Sutro Baths, Bake beach, Marshall Beach, Fort Baker, Crissy Field, Fort Point, Presidio, Conzulman Road are all pretty accessible. I'm just a beginner though - I am sure others know much more about the area.

Good luckl!
Great suggestions, thanks +John Wikman, +Joe Azure. I'm hoping for some fog, but that probably won't be an issue.

Can't wait to go and have some new shots to share!
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