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Our Company is your ideal web partner. We are able to act directly on any wishes you have for the internet. On both creativity as functionalities, and technical support.
Our Company is your ideal web partner. We are able to act directly on any wishes you have for the internet. On both creativity as functionalities, and technical support.


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#Galaxy #Note 8 verschijnt in september voor 999 euro. #Galaxy_Note8 #Samsung_Galaxy

De Galaxy Note 8 verschijnt mogelijk in september voor 999 euro. Daarmee zou het Samsungs duurste smartphone tot nu toe zijn. Dat schrijft techjournalist Evan Blass op VentureBeat. Blass lekt vaker kloppende informatie uit over toestellen die nog niet op…
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We’ve been hearing for years how mobile gaming has been growing at nearly inconceivable rates and will soon become the dominant force in the gaming business. Today’s $10 billion (£7 billion) purchase of Clash of Clans maker Supercell by Chinese gaming giant Tencent drives home just how big that shift is—or at least how big the market thinks it is.

Tencent paid $8.57 billion for about 84 percent of the Finnish Supercell (which is owned by Japanese parent Softbank), valuing the mobile game studio at about $10.2 billion. That means a mobile game company with four titles is now worth more than twice as much as both Minecraft-maker Mojang (acquired by Microsoft in 2014 for $2.5 billion) and VR company Oculus (acquired by Facebook in 2014 for $2 billion) combined. Looking outside of gaming, Supercell sold for nearly twice as much as the combined purchase price of both YouTube and LucasFilm.

Candy Crush Saga maker King!

The only gaming acquisition that even comes close to the size of the Supercell deal is Activision’s purchase of Candy Crush Saga maker King, another mobile-focused studio. That move represented a $5.9 billion bet that franchises like Call of Duty, Overwatch, and Destiny aren’t going to be enough to sustain growth for the mega-publisher going forward. But King is largely a one-trick pony at this point, relying heavily on the Candy Crush games for the vast majority of its players and revenue. Supercell’s success runs a bit deeper, with mega-hit Clash of Clans backed up by smaller-but-still-big hits like Clash Royale, Boom Beach, and Hay Day.

The relative value of mobile gaming largely comes from the simple fact that so many people worldwide have smartphones in their pockets, and they are willing to download and try free-to-play titles. Supercell claims more than 100 million daily players for the four games mentioned above; that’s a little under 10 percent of the total market for mobile gamers worldwide, according to one estimate. For a console game to have 100 million players, it would have to be sold to roughly 50 percent of all console owners worldwide, according to other estimates. PC gaming looks relatively strong on a worldwide revenue basis, but these days the business is utterly contaminated by free-to-play MOBAs and MMOs, rather than more traditional single-player games or direct online competitions.

Asia is the key to this change, which helps explain why Tencent is willing to put so much money into acquiring a growing competitor. A recent Digi-Capital report estimates Asia will represent more than 50 percent of all mobile gaming revenue by 2018, leaving Europe and North America to divide up the remainder. That same report estimates the total market for mobile games will be $45 billion (€43 billion) in two years, representing a 40 percent plurality of the total gaming market.

That’s an amazing statistic when you consider mobile gaming was barely a statistical blip just under a decade ago. But non-mobile gamers shouldn’t necessarily worry that their preferred platforms are going away any time soon. Digi-Capital estimates that the console and offline PC gaming spaces will actually grow a bit over the next few years in terms of actual revenue dollars. Activision predicts the same thing. It’s just that the mobile game business will be growing even faster, increasing the size of the pie but not really eating into the existing slices spent on other games.

In other words, today’s Supercell acquisition shows that mobile gaming is increasingly going to be the first thing that the global game industry focuses its money on in the coming years. But that doesn’t mean it will be the only thing the industry focuses on for the forseeable future or that mobile games will crowd out the kinds of gaming people still love to do on other platforms.
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الجري لسبع دقائق يوميا يخفض من أمراض القلب والأوعية بنسبة 30 بالمئة… مدرب عمره 78 سنة لكن لياقته ونشاطه أفضل بكثير من معظم الشباب.

يؤكد علماء من هولندا وألمانيا، أنه للمحافظة على صحة جيدة لاحاجة للجري بسرعة كبيرة. وتسمح استنتاجات العلماء المبنية على دراسة معلومات عن الحالة الصحية لأكثر من 55 ألف شخص (بين 18 – 100 سنة) بالافتراض بأنه لكي تكون التمارين الرياضية العلاجية مفيدة للصحة فيجب ألا تكون مرهقة، وليس بالضرورة أن تستغرق وقتاً طويلاً.

وبينت نتائج الدراسة، أن احتمالات الوفاة جراء أمراض القلب والأوعية الدموية أو الجلطة الدماغية لدى الذين يمارسون الجري (حوالي 25 بالمائة من المشاركين في الدراسة) انخفضت بنسبة 30 إلى 45 مقارنة بالذين لا يمارسون الجري يومياً. عموماً عاش هؤلاء مدة 3 سنوات أكثر من الآخرين.

كما بينت نتائج الدراسة، أن الذين مارسوا الجري بصورة منتظمة خلال 6 سنوات يتمتعون بصحة جيدة جداً، وأنخفض إحتمال إصابتهم بأمراض القلب أو الجلطة الدماغية إلى النصف. وتبين أن الجري بسرعة تقل عن 10 كلم/ ساعة، ولمدة 7 دقائق يومياً فقط ساعد أيضاًعلى تخفيض هذه النسبة.
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If you want to use your website not just for your informing clients or present yourself on the internet, then you should consider a functional website with web applications. Apart from developing and building websites.
The Red #Elephant can expand sites with several web applications.

Please consider possibilities such as:
1- #Jobcentre online.
2- Online shop (Professional #Webshop #eCommerce Solutions).
3- A news page, (News & Media #Publishing).
4- E-mail Newsletter.
5- Professional Real Estate #websites.
6- Professional #School, #University Management #Software.
7- Expert #Football #Club, Sport Club and Football #League web sites.
8- A forum.
9- A guest book.
10- A calendar, and much more…

If you choose for a Professional Webshop eCommerce Solutions, there are many possibilities. There are online shops with and without the possibility to order through the internet, or the possibility for paying online. Please contact us for advice.

The Red Elephant provides solutions that enable enterprises to meet their business goals by developing custom applications, providing maintenance for all applications and integrating them across the enterprise.
We are expert in such as:
Windows Applications: Visual Basic.NET, C#, Visual C++, Borland C++ Builder, PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, JAVA, Python, JavaScript.
Libraries: STL, Sockets, Multithreading, MFC, OpenGL.
Databases: MS SQL Server, Oracle, Informix, Interbase, Paradox, MySQL.
Operation Systems: All Windows version, UNIX, FreeBSD/Linux.
Mobile Technologies: iPhone/iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, SQL Lite.

Read also:
- Professional Webshop eCommerce Solutions
- News & Media Publishing
- E-mail Newsletter
- Web Design
- Software As Required
- Internet Marketing
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The additional #webshop #eCommerce functionality from The Red Elephant enables you to:
Grant your visitors secure access to the webshop.
Accept orders from website visitors through the placement of products into a virtual shopping trolley.
Receive and send e-mail confirmation of #orders.
An overview of our webshop eCommerce benefits:
Your customers have access to your current product range 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Sales are stimulated due to the impulsive nature of #online #shopping and the unlimited opening hours.
Your catalogue/webshop can be kept constantly up to date and you can respond quickly to changes in stocks with special offers and promotional campaigns.
You save money and time, as you are no longer dependent on external parties for the maintenance of your website.
What You See Is What You Get: you can immediately see and check any amendments you have made to your product catalogue.
No technical knowledge of HTML, layout codes or scripting languages is required.
You use your website not only as a source of information but also as a source of income.
The many standard functionalities offered by the online product catalogue with webshop can be expanded with the following options, which can be purchased separately:
Show best-selling or most frequently requested products in a separate list.
Import all product features, e.g. price and serial number.
Link to existing databases and back-office systems.
Present different prices for different (groups of) customers by means of log-in functionality.
Allow registered visitors to change their password, billing address and other details easily.
Generate sales and payment overviews for managers.
Link to various payment systems.
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Whatever you are looking for, you can find it on the web. No matter whether you are looking for collectibles, clothes, cars, music or gifts, the Web is a one-stop shop for everything. Our company has extensive knowledge in creating and maintaining many webshop e-commerce sites for many companies.

The Red Elephant‘s online webshop presents your products clearly and with all the relevant information. By expanding this catalogue with a webshop functionality, you can offer existing customers and prospects the possibility of ordering your products easily and securely online.
The standard online product catalogue from The Red Elephant enables you to:
Create and manage product categories and subcategories yourself.
Add and manage products and product descriptions.
Determine yourself when a product or category is visible (set publication and expiry date).
Fill in the price, product number, delivery time and other product fields.
Add extra product-related documents, such as terms and conditions, operating instructions or data sheets.
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TRE-CMS is a news, article and media publishing software that enables you to update your website easily without any knowledge of or experience with HTML. Your website is designed through the comfortable Ajax-based site structure management interface and high flexibility of design, content, and functionality integration.

It gives you the power to create different user groups to help you manage your content with a built-in privilege system and, above all, the ultimate Search Engine ranking capability.

Our TRE-CMS software has a modular structure. Here, all the technology services the solution. Through our modules we offer you a menu that allows you to put together your ideal website.

You only pay for what you need and you only have to let us develop what is not already available as ready-made modules. Perhaps the most important thing is that you can amend your website yourself without any IT knowledge, which makes a good investment for the future.

Our TRE-CMS lets you create your online newspaper, magazine, TV/Radio or news portals in a very easy way.
Why use a News Publishing Content Management System?

News articles or stories by nature tend to be added frequently to a website. Normally adding a news story involves not only creating the web page to hold it but also updating the index pages. This system takes care of that for you. Each time a news story is added (or modified) the news TRE-CMS system will automatically create the pages and update all the categories’ indexes and search functions. In addition the indexes and categories’ listings are sorted in a logical date order. The system has been designed to take all the hassle from publishing news content to a site hence saving you a great deal of time.
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#Internet #Marketing #Search_Engine #Optimization. Read more and discover our amazing #services #features!
We create more sales for your business by getting you more visitors through better and higher search engine rankings. Our search engine optimization services and search engine submission services offer the right service for every budget. Are you currently paying for search engine rankings? Consider our low -cost search engine optimization services to increase traffic and cut down on your website promotion cost at the same time! Having top search engine listings is important for every company.
A good search engine ranking results in many visitors and increased sales! Without any top 20 ranks you probably waste a lot of time and effort on your site, without anybody ever being able to appreciate it! We provide complete Keyword Phrase Research, Natural Search Engine Optimization, Link Popularity/#PageRank Analysis and Recommendations, #XML Feeds and Paid Inclusion, Sponsored Listings Management and Detailed Reporting Services.
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When we have built you an attractive website, you need internet marketing, you want this website to be visited by many potential clients. Because the amount of websites on the internet keeps growing, finding a website has become an important aspect of the online – strategy of companies. Optimizing finding your website, or the so-called ranking in the search engines, offers you several opportunities.

In order to be easily found, your website needs to take up a high position in the search engines, on the most important catchwords. We have both the knowledge and experience to optimize your website for ranking as high as possible in the search engines. See Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips.

Together we discuss and determine on the catchwords your (potential) clients will be using. After this we optimize your website for these catchwords and register your site in the most important search engines on the internet.

There are many different manners to generate keywords for example KwMap and other programms which we have it all in our company. The Red Elephant has specialized in internet marketing and how can your website take more visitors; we have the best manners to get all that. If you have already a website and you would like that your website to be easy find by Google for example, or Yahoo, and get more visitors, and sure more buyers! Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.
This is our Internet Marketing and our SEO work

With a market share of 85%, search engine Google is the most important search engine nowadays.
For a successful website, it is therefore crucial to be easily found with this search engine. Here below an example for our work, Benefit is a Dutch Import and Export company, in just 5 weeks their website appeared in the first result page on Google, Yahoo and Bing! (The results differ from country to country).
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