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Christian Carlino DeLord
Hello, I'm a pianist, creative, writer and Theta Healing pratictioner from Italy.
Hello, I'm a pianist, creative, writer and Theta Healing pratictioner from Italy.
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Origami was born of various reflections on the impact that the digital world will have on our lives in the future. Will we be able to respect nature and improve mankind thanks to artificial intelligence?
Will we be able to educate the children of tomorrow towards a conscious use of technology? Can we evolve as human beings towards something higher than today's consumerism?
To all this we have tried to give an answer.


Very special thanks to our friends Brett Carruthers and Emanuele Kabu

==Human and technological elements ORIGAMI==


🎸MUSIC _ +Mattia Rissone Brett Carruthers Christian Carlino DeLord

🎥FILM DIRECTOR _ Mattia Rissone TIA, Emanuele Kabu
🎞️EDIT _ Emanuele Kabu
💻ANIMATIONS _ Emanuele Kabu



Copyright (C) 2018 Mattia Rissone, Brett Carruthers, Christian Carlino.
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#electronic #gateproject #origami
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🔵 this year it closes by thanking all of you who write me and let my music travel all around the world.
Thank you all so much! 💗 [⬇Write your 2018 wishes in the comments ⬇]

Over 200.000 minutes of music streaming in 2017 on Spotify 😎
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THANK YOU, see you soon and I wish you a great beginning of this 2018! 😉

#spotify #spotifywrapped #newyear
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➡️You never have any idea of ​​what will happen in this #life. And I think this is one of the keys to the infinite beauty of our #existence.

We are like #souls on the summit, observing a beautiful story: the one that each of us has chosen to live.

I wish you to live your great, now, and forever.

Best #wishes for happy holidays 2017 😉
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The night is made to play. The night is made to release emotions. I've always loved the night and the colors that turn into the night. 😉

In this last period I have perhaps been so afraid of myself that I have also chosen to close myself and stop expressing myself. I've enclosed everything on my inside, but now it's ready to be told. ❤️

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It was a long time since I did not play the piano. It sounds strange but that's right. So many things happened this year that I had to give up for a moment.

I'm not going to be here to tell you what happened or not, the past does not belong to us. I live the present. A present in which, tonight, I put my hands on the piano.

I have never understood what so magical the night to penetrate and vibrate the sound so deeply, but it always happens, and every time there is infinite madness.

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TIA feat. DELORD - FRUGAL [new video from Gate Project]

Leave your comment and Share the video, let people find out more and discuss about "FRUGAL"

“Frugal" is the first single of the new EP: GATE Part.3, written, composed and produced by Mattia Rissone TIA and Christian Carlino DeLord.

"Frugality is the quality of being frugal, sparing, thrifty, prudent or economical in the consumption of consumable resources such as food, time or money, and avoiding waste, lavishness or extravagance."


find more on -->>

From the new album by TIA feat. DELORD, "FRUGAL" (GATE Part. 3) It's available the video of the new single "FRUGAL" Share it and experience it.

find more on -->>

Produced, Composed and Directed by Mattia Rissone TIA and Christian Carlino Delord

-->> filmed in Sertig, Switzerland

#gateproject #switzerland #frugal #delordgate
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New video from Gate Project online! Check out and share ;) #delord #gateproject #switzerland
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E' disponibile online in formato ebook la nuova edizione del mio libro "Sognare, poesie 2006-2008" una raccolta di pensieri e riflessioni in formato poesia in prosa. Scarica subito la tua copia!

Sognare, come riprendersi dalla solitudine per scoprire l’amore passando dal sogno. Scopri questo viaggio fantastico di DeLord raccontato in prosa.

link -->> 
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Recensione concerto di Ezio Bosso al Teatro Comunale di Bologna 😉

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Io quest'anno me lo voglio ricordare con questa foto. E voglio augurarvi, anche se pare sempre così scontato, di realizzare tutti i vostri sogni come io ho realizzato i miei. Siate egoisti, amate voi stessi prima di tutto, ciò che siete e rispettate ciò che siete diventati, perchè nonostante tutto, quella che noi amiamo chiamare vita non è altro che un gioco, un'illusione dove siamo noi i protagonisti e nella quale noi abbiamo il potere di realizzare ogni cosa. Siate i protagonisti della vostra vita non gli spettatori della vita di qualcun altro.

Buon nuovo inizio.


I want to remember this year with this photo. And I want to wish you, even if it seems so obvious, to realize all your dreams as I have made mine. Be selfish, love yourself first of all, what you are and try to be respectful for what you have become, because after all, what we like to call life is nothing but a game, an illusion where we are the protagonists and in which we have the power to create everything. Be the protagonists of your life no spectators in the life of someone else.

Good new beginning.

#happynewyear #newyear #delord

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