Custom URL Issues

Your highly motivated and truly dedicated team of of Google+ Top Contributors hear you loud and clear - there are some problems with the custom URL options that many of you are getting as apart of today's rollout.  We don't have any answers for you yet, but we need your help so that we can properly escalate this issue.

If you're having problems with your vanity URL (not just not having received one yet, but an issue with the one you did receive), please leave the following information in a comment below.

1)  A link to the Page/Profile in question
2)  The name of the Vanity URL offered to you.
3)  The name you would prefer.

We're collecting this information for the specific purposes of passing it onto our Community Managers and through them the Product Teams.  Help us to help you!  Thanks, everyone.

Edit (10/30/13 - 9:05am PDT): Okay, the way we got it figured, issues are pretty much falling into one of three categories.

1) You have a Custom URL that consists of your first name and last name and a nickname if you have one on your profile and you want to change it to something else. If that applies to you, then we can't help you here - that's exactly the way it's supposed to work.  Your best bet is to send feedback via the option at the bottom of the dropdown menu on the lefthand side of the desktop site and request a feature involving changing Custom URLs; the more people do so, the higher priority it is to get it sorted.

2) You have a Custom URL with a Top Level Domain issue, like 'net' or 'blogspot' or 'CoUk' or something appearing in your Custom URL and you don't want it there. If that's you, then keep letting us know here in this post so we add it to our escalation report because that's actually a problem.

3) 1 and 2 don't apply to you, but there's still a weird issue with your Custom URL. If that applies to you, same rules as number two - keep letting us know here.  Be sure to include details on your particular issue.

Thanks to all of you, and we hope we can continue helping you get the most out of your Google+ experience!

Edit (10/30/13 - 10:26pm PDT): Thanks everyone!  We now have all the examples we need for our report.  For any further requests regarding Custom URLs, please use the Feedback tool located at the bottom of the dropdown menu on the left (desktop). 

Closing comments on this post now so that all further feedback can go there
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