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Yup, sure would.
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lol When just flushing isn't enough to put you at ease! 
At least point it at the spider, sheesh!
Oh comon make it a challenge flush first! Correct choice of weaponry though :-) 
I was looking at the aim, too... Come on, +DeAno Jackson... is holding the camera so much more important than hitting the target?
With a shotgun? I'd have to literally be pointing it in the opposite direction in order to miss.
As a guy who was goose-hunting with a 20 gauge at 7... sadly, I can imagine missing. Seven-year-old kids shouldn't do many of the things I've done :) (and I bet nowadays few do).
Dude for real I have seen it happen... Lil story for y'all, shotgun training the instructor said to aim low (middle mast) to compensate for recoil... Another guy straight up points the gun at the ground and shoots, a stone shot up and hit the target instructor was like WTF I am not counting that. It is possible to miss but i do admit the blast alone will kill that lil fucker :-)
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