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LMAO! #bacon is trending on +Google+. I love you guys.
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Hell yeh. Bacon is a must, especially as i produce it.
Hehe :-) Yes, bacon rulz.
Number (8) is a good idea ... unfortunately i had no floppy drive anymore so I can't try this solution !
Is there one of these for dog? <g>
Bacon is not a trend.
Bacon is a lifestyle choice.

To mention "trending" and bacon at the same time is an insult to bacon. But bacon is used to it, since almost nothing that is inedible actually deserves to be mentioned with bacon anyway.
+Bob O`Bob bacon is not a choice. I don't choose to like bacon. i was born that way.
I have friends who are observant in religions which don't allow it. Bacon is a choice. Some of those who choose wrongly are still worthy of respect as human beings.
wow +Bob O`Bob i was just making a Bacon/gay joke. sorry if i'm not a serious person all the time. (that was another joke btw)
Did anyone ask +Bacon how it feels being the butt of your jokes?
GIVE ME BACON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Eat all the bacon you want and leave the planet for the rest of us.
if you dont like bacon then something went wrong in your life
I counter rule #2 with vanilla ice cream.

I made a vanilla-bacon milkshake at work one time, and it was horrible.
I luv choco covered bacon
What do u think of vegetarians and vegans!
To Liz Mitch: I would say they go well with...bacon.
zane, you did it wrong, you start out with bacon chocolate. better luck next time
Epic Meal Time on Youtube... they make just about everything.. with bacon.
Bacon sandwiches with hp sauce, yum. (hp sauce is like steak sauce but better)
Bacon is the only meat that tastes good without the bone.
we should start a hangout about bacon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bacon is the only meat that tastes good without the bone. Sorry that I copied this from u Red Bear!
i like bacon!!!!!!!! but unicorns more!!!!
what is wrong with you!!!!!!!!!!!!? nothing is better than bacon
bacon is disgusting u pig killers
You guys are crazy! LOL! This post is on the "What's Hot" list now. Maybe I should just talk about bacon all the time! :-)
#Bacon is the king of all foods :)
Bacon is not the king of all foods!!!! You just think that in your bacon mind!!
+Zane Jones: You forgot the maple sauce. That's what makes bacon work with vanilla ice cream. I've had it before, and it rocks!
Vanilla ice-cream with bacon............... that sounds totally disgusting!!!!
number #12 is INTENSE!!!! :D
+DeAno Jackson, so far this post has beautiful, equally distributed ripples. It's "hot" because it is a good post and not because of power users. That is something to be proud of.
people tell me that chocolate covered bacon is good. it sounds discusting though!!!
My bro says bacon is currently 99 cents a pound at Hannaford. It is a sign...
bacon is yummmie but i think piggies are better too o.o
Ihate bacon waste of my time to see this!!!!!!!!
lol! thats all i can say and all i hav to say!
+Kelli Ames, you didn't HAVE to read it if you didn't want to... if you really hate bacon that much then you shouldn't have read this post...
+Kelli Ames: And yet, here you are. You not only 'wasted your time' seeing this, but then you wasted more of your time telling me this useless information that I don't care about. So maybe it's your time management skills that need work.

now i've seen it all! HAHAHA
BACON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, but this is proof of how awesome bacon is, Kelli : I did a play last year for Halloween and even the pig ate bacon. Yes, you read that right. The PIG.
The rules for bacon, is that there ARE no rules for bacon.
does this include Canadian Bacon, prosciutto and those thick slabs of fatty bacon popular in parts of eastern Europe, or are we just talking about the bacon strips popular in the US?

Fuck I'm hungry now.

Oh and +Kelli Ames, go back to facebook.
Bacon, ewww, gross! Gawds, how can you people eat that?
i don't like bacon but that's hilarious.
No pork on my dish fu3k #bacon !
I'm getting tired of bacon posts... People have an unhealthy addiction to pig fat...
This bacon shit is stupidly overrated. Its just another one of these social media fantasies that people post to get likes, +, and up votes...kinda like zombies, ninjas, cats, vampires, and Chuck Norris; who might I add was just known as "the guy who lost to Bruce Lee" when I was a kid, not some indestructible fucking robot.
BACON!!! Plus one this if you qualify under the first section off rule number 4.
#10 is incorrect. Should be times 100.
8 would crash a computer but luckily, I do not have a floppy drive! Flip Flop! XD
I like bacon better with maple syrup! 
bacon...yummy. i dont know Lizzy it seems like bacon is always a good idea.
i luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuv! bacon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bacon. cue awed glance upward with heavenly glow shining
Okay, I've been letting the comments go for awhile, but if I see any racist crap, you will be blocked and reported. That is not okay.
Finally! An ode to BACON!!
Bacon is also the most delicious way to meet Jesus 
Sorry wittle piggys. But it's true.
...nutritional blasphemy...
tht a lie ths is some stupid s**t
In the beginning there was the word......and the word was "BACON".
I just ate bacon and cracker jacks at Craft & Commerce. With beer.

it doesn't go well with sea food
it is not a wonder product (spam is though) pork shoulder meat!
Why always bacon? I never taste it so dont understand with all this hype :D
Fact: pigs are the only domesticated species that willingly sacrifices itself as they have evolved into a #bacon delivery system. Pigs love being bacon. Jeebus save us if they ever realize the power they wield over us.
Also, any religion that outlaws #bacon is wrong.
Why do I feel there should be a reference to Chuck Norris in here?
I need to buy that bacon is rad, gluten is bad t-shirt
number 12 is the dream.
Baconism is a minute old and I'm already tired of it.
Enough of this bacon shit on google+. I don't know who started it.
Finally, G+ is starting to attract a crowd with taste...salty honey cured heart busting taste!!!
i agree with tht pic.. now u mad me hungry
Call me zombie apocalypse fodder
Hell yeah bacon gets you laid
Now someone just needs to make so this effects minecraft
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