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We appreciate all reviews, as it gives us something to work on. In respect to this one, we always have had hot water, through the use of tank less water heaters, that - as advertised - deliver on demand hot water. The drawback is a few minutes delay, until the cold water is pushed through the pipes, and unfortunately in this situation, the guest was not inclined to wait for more than a few seconds. 

The room was colder, as it was left empty and due to us having multiple heating zones, it had not been turned on yet. After your arrival we've provided with temporary reprieve in the form of two space heaters that would make the room unbearably hot, as well as turn on HVAC unit for the two rooms on the ground level.

We would help you carry your suitcase if you have problems with it, however, it is true that we do not have an elevator and do not advertise having it. Instead, we have different options for your stay in Washington, DC, so that you can best choose your level of comfort - as we even offer luxury apartment rentals, with very nice elevators.

We did have a no shoe policy, where in exchange we provided you with hotel quality slippers for free. However, due to some negative comments, we have removed that requirement, while STILL providing free slippers. 

You are, however, correct that a part of a segmented window, sized 10 inches by 8 inches was broken. It was replaced the next business day, and meanwhile it still had blinds from the inside, so anyone trying to spy through a telescope would have had troubles doing so. 

We understand that you had no intention of booking a hostel, and expected a private room with an elevator, and we're sorry we cannot provide that here at DC Lofty. However, that is the reason why the rates are lower, as there is no elevator calculated in the overhead. We hope for your future stay, you can give it a shot at Capital View, where we can wider staircases (albeit similar tank less water heaters, and zoned heating), or one of our luxury apartments.

Thank you

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Place rebuilt in 2012 January, and renovated in 2013 January
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