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Daz Thornton ('Dr' Daz)

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How to use Google+ to Grow Your Business: 
If you're a Google+ newbie, and want to get to grips with the platform quickly, here's a Free Quickstarter Guide from +Plus Your Business!

CLICK HERE to access ☜

Enjoy :)

#googleplus #socialmediatips #googleplustips
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Thanks +Patti Pokorchak - Glad you found it useful!
I've used Google+ to help build relationships around what I do, and subjects I'm interested in. It's this above all, along with the fantastic functionality of the platform itself that makes +Google+ the social destination of choice for me :)
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Daz Thornton ('Dr' Daz)

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Pinterest doubles down on making money, rolls out video ads.
Had to happen at some point didn't it :)
#socialmediamarketing   #socialmediatips   #socialmediastrategy  
Pinterest on Tuesday announced video ads for the social network called Cinematic Pins, though the experience isn't what you might expect.
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Daz Thornton ('Dr' Daz)

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Facebook Marketing Webinar.
Just catching up on last night's webinar from +Mari Smith. Great stuff as always on all the latest Facebook marketing techniques.

Cheers Mari :)

#facebookmarketing   #socialmediamarketing   #socialmediamarketingtips  #facebooktips
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+Daz Thornton Whee, thanks heaps! xx
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Daz Thornton ('Dr' Daz)

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I do love a Star Wars Vs Star Trek mashup!
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Daz Thornton ('Dr' Daz)

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Local Mobile Search | The Importance of Google My Business
Local Mobile Search and the Importance of Google My Business - Plus Your Business

#business #mobilesearch #googlemybusiness #localsearch
Looking to get on top of Local Search and Mobile? PYB Senior Local Consultant has you covered!
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Daz Thornton ('Dr' Daz)

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More human missions being planned for Mars.
Join our Journey to Mars Challenge! We're embarking on an ambitious journey to Mars, and we're inviting the public to write down their ideas, in detail, for developing the elements of space pioneering necessary to establish a continuous human presence on the Red Planet. Get the details:

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Daz Thornton ('Dr' Daz)

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It's always nice when marketing makes you feel welcome isn't it!
3 Tips for Customer Retention Marketing That Any Small Business Can Achieve: 
Post By +Bryony Thomas... 

#MarketingTips #SmallBusinessMarketing 
3 ways that your marketing can support customer retention by welcoming them warmly into their relationship with your business.
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Daz Thornton ('Dr' Daz)

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10 Secret Ingredients of Super Shareable Facebook Posts.
"Experts and industry leaders have been grappling with the question of what makes a Facebook post go viral for years. It seems to be an especially elusive science and controlled lab experiments often lead to inconclusive results.

Now seriously, it is the undeniable dream of every company, celebrity or social media professional to create viral Facebook posts that are shared exponentially, reach huge audiences and generate long-term positive sentiment about the post’s author. The one large question mark remains: what makes a post go viral?...."

Tips continue via

#facebookmarketing   #facebooktips  
Get closer to uncovering the mystery of Facebook virality with these 10 archetypes of popular posts
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Daz Thornton ('Dr' Daz)

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Hmmm... This is an interesting concept from Facebook!
Thoughts anyone?
Mike Elgan originally shared to Technology:
How Facebook is building the website to end all websites and the app to end all apps.

(Read my column: )

It's becoming clear that Facebook is systematically taking activities that people do outside Facebook and bringing them into the social network.

Soon, the vast majority of Facebook users will have no reason to ever leave the social network. 

Facebook is becoming a second Internet.

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Daz Thornton ('Dr' Daz)

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Would you like to be a +Plus Your Business! Local Consultant?
PYB Local Consultants Course. 
With over 100 consultants already being trained up already, I thought I would let you all know once more...

You can still join and catch up easily.
And it is on a 'pay what you choose' basis too!

Perfect for #DreamSmallBiz  and Small Business Week #SBW15  
Helping you give Local business a real lift in Google Search!
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Daz Thornton ('Dr' Daz)

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Local Search Marketing | All the Latest from the Past Week.
Nick Rink originally shared to Local Search Roundup:
Smart Local Roundup - Collections, duplicate hunting, local mobile food orders and Yelp

Some week's with the roundup there's a fair bit of hunting about for good stuff, other weeks there's just too much to choose from. With the launch of Collections here on Google+ and a variety of other tasty local happenings this week has been a breeze. Plenty of links to great articles down below so dig in and enjoy!

Google+ Collections launched
A fresh new feature that may (hopefully) go someway towards finally dispelling all the Google+ is dead malarkey. Collections have been described as many things but until you investigate and start using them I think it's probably best to hold judgement. The potential uses for local businesses could be very interesting indeed and we're already starting to see some good ones appearing in the Stream. Plenty of articles about them this week and these five cover the broad bases well.
Read more: via +Dmitry Shapiro via +Jacob Dix via +Peggy K via +martin shervington via +Priya Chandra

Hunting for duplicate listings
One knock on effect from Collections was the disappearance of the Local tab from Google+. Now this was clearly something that wasn't used too often by regular users but for local search peeps it was a very handy tool to help track down and deal with duplicate listings. After some mild panic earlier in the week things settled down and the two posts below go into some detail about other options that are available.
Read more: via +Joy Hawkins via +John M Lynch

Order food direct from Google search results
Google continues its strategy of giving users the ability to carry out more actions direct from search results. While you've been able to book a hotel or restaurant that way for a while now, they've just added the ability to order your food there as well. Currently rolling out in the US and for mobile users only this is another feature that continues the importance of local and mobile. Suspect that this will roll out more widely once they have partners in place for other countries.
Read more: via +Google via +Barry Schwartz via +Linda Buquet

Is Yelp up for sale?
After the rumours circulating a couple of weeks ago about Foursquare being up for grabs, it now appears that Yelp is serious about finding a potential buyer, if reports are to be believed. They've had a fair bit of negative press recently and their relationship with local SME's is not exactly a love-in! Who'd be in the market? Interesting stat from the article below suggests that "as many as 70% of Yelp’s advertisers stop buying ads on the site after a year" which is quite a churn rate. So, who'd be in with a shout and who has the required cash available ... you can probably guess the usual suspects. More on this story if it develops over the coming weeks.
Read more: via +Wall Street Journal

If you would like to be notified when I post each new local roundup (every Friday morning) please leave a comment below on this post saying notify please and I’ll add you to my circle.

See you all back here same time next week ☺

#smartlocalroundup   #localseoroundup   #localsearchmarketing   #localseo   #smartlocalmarketing  

Pin it for later

Curated by Nick from +Smart Local Marketing
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Cheers matey ☺
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Daz Thornton ('Dr' Daz)

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Here's what The Doctor thinks to the new Star Wars trailer!

Love it!
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+Daz Thornton Glad you liked it!
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    I specialise in business growth through Social Media to help develop a long term connection with your customers. This helps you provide that all important social proof, demonstrating that your business really puts the customer at the heart of its operation, and puts YOUR BRAND front of mind whenever people think of your products and services.
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Business Growth Through Social Media Specialist | Online/Offline Social Marketing Strategist For Retailers | Making You Better At Connecting Your Business With Its Customer | Pianist & Musicologist | Sci-fi Geek ;)
Helloooo! Daz here (generally known as Dr Daz) and I’d like to welcome you to my Google+ Profile. is my own contribution to the social media marketing world - curating & commenting on world class social media content to help grow your business online (with a few of my own hints and tips thrown in here and there!)

If you're after a daily dose of how YOU can use social media to connect your business with its customers, get more brand recognition, and ultimately bring in more money, please add me to one of your circles :)


I specialise in Social Media Relationship Marketing, both as a mentor to small businesses who want to do it themselves, and by providing a personalised Social Media Management service for those who want to outsource the techniques. Both these services are intended to amplify the personality of YOUR business through highly strategic social marketing campaigns and strategies that build a long lasting and memorable relationship with your clients and customers. 

To put it simply, I focus on : 

✔ Social Media Marketing - with a particular interest in Google+ & Facebook
✔ Social Media Management - placing your business 'front-of-mind' in your niche
✔ Social Media Consultation - do you need help and advice on your own social media integration?
✔ Retail (online and offline) - how to reach more potential and existing customers
✔ SEO & Website Development - getting found online and converting customers when they find you


These days every savvy business owner, general manager and department head knows how important it is to spend time properly planning their day to day marketing campaigns, whether that be leaflet drops, advertisements in the paper, tv ads, signage or radio campaigns, so why not do the same with social media marketing? 

So many people create a Facebook page or a Twitter profile for their business, because they hear that this is the way forward in the modern marketing world - HOWEVER, they either don't have the time to think about regularly posting great engaging content, have no idea how to integrate the platforms into their pre existing marketing, or continually post spam about their special offers in the hope that someone will take notice.....but believe me – THEY WON’T! 

Word-of-mouth marketing is without a doubt the most powerful form of marketing there is - FACT! Anything recommended by a friend or family member is far more likely to make more of an impact on you than receiving it from someone you don’t know, or don't know well. This is why social media is the perfect vehicle to amplify your brand message - to build a following of regular customers who think of YOU whenever they need your products or services. Encouraging people to interact with and share your content online AND verbally should be the primary aim of successful social media marketing. If they look forward to, and enjoy your content, they are more likely to want to spend money with you when you advertise your products or services!


As mentioned above, social media, when used correctly, is an extremely effective tool for business growth through word of mouth marketing, keeping you front-of-mind, and building a lasting connection with your customers. There are many businesses today enjoying incredible results from their social media presence. BUT, the people running it for them actually KNOW and keep up with the correct techniques that SHOULD be used to generate relevant content, active engagement, & ultimately more brand awareness, & they are executing these things consistently, every day. 

Even if businesses actually know what they need to be doing, most business owners, managers and staff, are too busy with the day to day running of their business to strategically target & interact with the right people on social media effectively. These could be potential customers OR current customers, as well as joint venture partners & suppliers. In this new world where people are having as many conversations online as face-to-face, building strong & lasting connections with your social community is crucial to YOUR business successfully growing online!

If you already have someone in your business that has the time to do that on a daily basis, as well as stay up to speed with all the constant changes on each social platform, adapt to and refine the techniques that make your social presence really work for you, AND plan the posts that should be going out on a daily basis with optimised graphics and sharable content, then GREAT… you should be connecting with your ideal customer, & your social community should be at your fingertips. If they aren't and YOU need help from someone who knows EXACTLY how to apply a strategically tailored social layer over your business …. I can DEFINITELY help you!

Savvy business owners are using Social Media to achieve FANTASTIC results – will you be one of them?

Please feel free to send me a private message with any problems you're having with your social media marketing, questions you need answering, or help with how on earth to set all this 'stuff' up for your business!

Let's sort it!

Dr Daz :)

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Classically trained pianist. Here's my other profile which I've dedicated to piano teaching and pianistic content
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