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Farewell Ceremony of successful 64th batch closing of Advanced #Digital #Marketing Course delivered by Delhi Institute of Digital Marketing.
Thanks for being with #DIDM family. All the best for future journey.
Go Digital Go Global !!
#farewell #cake #party #enjoy #training #digitalindia #learndigitalmarketing #digitalMarketing #dwarka #didm
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Facebook is one of the most trusted and usable social media tools across the world. However, people get distracted by the videos that have fake or pretended play buttons and waste lot of time. Understanding this problem of the Facebook users, the company has decided to downrank clickbait videos and links with such fake play buttons. With this, users will be saved from clicking on such videos and links rather than shady ones.

It is the intention of every Facebook user that once they click on any video, it has to play, but the same does not happen most of the time. Spanners are available over the internet that uses pretended buttons and make use of the static picture disguised as a video. For limiting them, Facebook has decided to limit them in the approaching week. In this competitive and busy lifestyle, people wish to see the real information and no fake news on this social media.
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Know About The Various Products That Formed A Part Of The Google Pixel 2 Launch Event

On the 4th of Oct, 2017, Google organized a mega event to launch its Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL phones at San Francisco. However, in addition to these two devices, the technology giant also had many other devices to show off to the audiences.
The launches by Google in mega event
Given below are the brief details of the products that were included in this launch event in addition to the Pixel 2 phones.

A) Pixel Buds: Following Apple’s lead, Google ditched the headphone jack in the Pixel 2 devices to come out with the Pixel buds. These buds are compatible with other Android devices that operate on Android 7.0 or higher.

B) Home Mini And Max: The Google Home Mini and Max are internet connected speakers developed by Google to perform tasks such as stream music through voice commands and even operate any smart devices. All this is made possible with the help of Google Assistant, which has been integrated with the speakers.

C) Clips: Symbolizing the seriousness of Google to make a foray into the hardware market, Google also launched its first standalone camera named Google clips. This extremely compact camera has been designed to make the process of recording videos quite simple and hassle free, thanks to its use of AI and machine learning.

D) Daydream View: This virtual reality headset is an updated version of the model that was launched last year. The device can be used for immersive VR experience in combination with the Pixel phones designed for both virtual and augmented reality.

All and all the event was a grand one and you can surely taste the flavour of technology by tasting any of the above 4 launches by Google on 4th Oct. So get ready to experience technology in a new avatar.
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With the increased online presence, every business has to maintain a dedicated website to promote its products and services over the internet. People now prefer to look for the desired goods and services online and avoid visiting the physical market. In order to attract such a huge online traffic that search for the different keywords, you need to stay ahead of your competitors. It is necessary that people should find your business easily and for this, your business website should rank high in the search engine. Just pay attention to certain criteria’s to get the right traffic. For this, you need to have the knowledge and work over the Google algorithms and SEO techniques.

For making effective strategic planning, you need to know your audience, business and your goals. Here are some of the effective tips on how to Skyrocket Your Traffic by 500%.

Get quality contents to your website as they speak to customers about the uniqueness of your service and products over the competitors. Use relevant keywords that user search over the internet Make sure to constantly refresh the contents of the website. This helps each engine to know that your website is up-to-date.

Constantly review and get offsite references to know how your contents are performing and also improve the authority of the domain for the search engines.
Perform On-Site optimization and publish some relevant contents. This is the most suitable way to maintain indexing, user experience and value proposition that maintain your business authenticity.

External Optimization is a key to build an index to the links that direct customers to your homepage. Make sure to combine the keyword research with the help of Google’s keyword planner. Finally keep the page title, meta-tag, meta-description and URL simple as this will ease the loading of your website during the search
Make sure to go for few SEO checks like choosing the right keywords, refresh the old contents, have user-friendly landing pages, interactive contents, etc. Along with this, also make sure to have a clear understanding of the SEO roads like creating goals, know the targeted audience, research keywords, reach competition, plain distribution, off-Page and On-page Optimization, etc. When your website abides with all such SEO algorithms and follows the latest trends of the search engine. All these factors provide the surety to get an increased traffic to the particular website.
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Do you have a website and looking for a driving engine? If yes, then blogs are the right tool that can boost the overall traffic to your website that will finally lead to the sale of product and service. Blogs help in marketing products, inform customers and prove that your company is active and care for customers. Here are some of the key elements that clear on “How Blog Helps Your Website to Rank First in Google”.

Increases traffic: Imagine that your website is a pond and blogs are fish in it. Google is the water and SEO are the hooks. It is clear that the number of fish (blogs) you have, the more like the chance to get them picked by the Google. Therefore, blogs increase the value of the domain and increase the organic visibility that ultimately leads to an increased traffic.

Support Social Media: Quality blogs always gets a social share and directly increases the traffic on the website. It is the requirement of the time that websites should publish attractive blogs regularly to maintain the large customer base that can read and even share the blogs.

Help to drive effective results: Blogs make it easy to share the insights and thoughts to the targeted audience. This ultimately increases the brand image, customer trust, search traffic and leads to improved sales. It provides an additional advantage to the business that has an online presence.

Generate leads: It is the capability of the good blogs to convert the potential readers into customers. Content provides complete information of products and services and generates leads. It is the right platform to prove your product best in the industry over the competitors.

Thought leadership: latest blogs send a positive signal to the audience that the business is active. They are the official platform that market products, communicate with customers and engage them indirectly.
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In order to safeguard YouTube from fraud and misleading use, YouTube has decided to add a new requirement for the users. With this new requirement, users will have restrictions to add external links at the end of the videos. Currently, users are able to add videos in the form of end cards, and now YouTube has made it mandatory for every account to meet this criterion to add videos. Some new requirements are – User has to join the YouTube partner program and channel should have 10,000 over public views. YouTube cleared that these new restrictions are imposed to prevent abuse of end cards.

A spokesperson from YouTube also cleared that the company will personally evaluate the accounts before granting approvals. Adding an end car to a video means that a screen is added that directs viewers towards a link. This is an effective way to drive heavy traffic to a particular website. It is a common situation where You Tubers add end cards to point their viewers towards patreon, finding campaigns and merchandise stores. End cards are highly used to meet this purpose and it is never a problem to direct viewers to the selected website and reaches the expected marketing goals.

The main purpose is to stop and restricting videos that were uploaded to reap the rewards from sketchy channels that upload copyrighted videos or the contents from other You Tubers. Therefore, after this new restriction, there is a message stating that “you’ll need to enable your channel for monetization”. This means that it is necessary that you join the YouTube partner program however it does not mean that you need to monetize your channel with ads. There is a complete freedom to use end cards without any form of monetization. It is sure that this new requirement will not affect current You Tubers or the existing end cards.
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Google all set to provide two factor authentication tool after high profile hacks
After the high-profile Google hack, Google has decided to upgrade the security by introducing two-factor authentication tools. This comes with an improved physical security measure that aims at protecting high-profile users from any potential cyber attacks, politically motivated risk and other security risks.

This new service is known as advanced protection program and potentially slated that is expected to be launched next month. After its launch, the standard authentication process will be for the important services like Google Drive and Gmail with physical security keys.

After the implementation of this security features, it will restrict all types of third-party services and apps that could easily connect to the user’s Google account. As per the Bloomberg report, the new changes will not affect the standard Google account owners. This new security product will be marketed to the politicians, corporate executives and other departments with heightened security concerns at the initial stage. As per the report, this updated security is to prevent activities like 2016 hack of the Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s Gmail account which resulted in the publishing of the attack with the links to the Russian government. Google thereafter decided to improve the security features and focus on protecting sensitive materials that are important for the political prominence.
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How To Optimize Your Image For SEO
or people who are bloggers or have a website for the company, it is necessary that it is made easy for the readers. For this, contents should be capable enough to swing the mood of customers and add attractive images. Considering the importance of images, it is a well known fact that they bring organic traffic via search engine to a particular website. In order to make images so effective, it is necessary that you know the best way to upload them to the website and surprise your viewers. Thus, look for the suitable answer to “How to Optimize Your Image for SEO?” A balanced answer will be a key to success.

It is noted that whatever you post on the website can be optimized for search, but your work is not limited to the use of words only. You also need to be aware of the other tremendous part of SEO, i.e. images that are used. This is capable to speed the SEO purpose and bring desired traffic to the website. For this, one has to pay special attention to the below steps-
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Google Offers New YouTube Tools To Support Advertisers
Google is known for keeping it updated and featured with latest technology and tools that ease the life of users. This time, it has announced more robust YouTube advertising tools that will help advertisers to target selected audience and measure their campaigns effectively. This new advertising tool is friendly with the smart phones as almost more than half of the Google users get access to YouTube using the smart phones. Google is now scaling custom creative with Director Mix. This technology has made it easy to create professionals level video ads easily with the use of the phone.

Custom affinity targeting is another app that is allowing advertisers to reach the prospective customers based on their behaviours. This includes search queries, locations visited on the Google Map, the installed apps and the downloaded contents. This is the best way to get in touch with the targeted audience with less effort.

Director Mix helps users to create thousands of versions to make it suitable for the different audience. This saves a lot of time and management for the advertiser as it is now not required to prepare different ads separately for a targeted audience, as this tool will perform the same. This application is free for the advertiser and is expected to make the advertising more effective for the companies. This tool also helps in video ad sequencing. This app will help advertise to create a feasible video funnel that will help users to have a planned sequence of the interesting videos.
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What is digital marketing and why it is so popular?
Are you new to this concept and still finding the right answer to “what is digital marketing”? If yes, then digital marketing is doing marketing and advertising of the products and services over the internet using digital devices like mobile phones, laptops and tablets. For better understanding, it is necessary for us to understand the marketing concept first. It is all about identifying the potential buyers and finding the most suitable way to communicate with them. The same applies to the digital marketing. In this concept, the advertisement is placed on various websites to attract target customers and generate leads.

There are various key steps that you follow in digital marketing like identifying the customer want, doing research and development, increasing brand awareness, creating utility, advertising, promoting products and services, increasing sales, reviewing customers feedback and retaining them with the use of digital marketing. All these activities when handled through the internet, you find it easy to add value to the advertisement and can easily handle the promotional campaigns to sell. For this, you need to get required skill and advertising understanding by completing Digital Marketing Course in Delhi. You will definitely learn a lot of new tactics and equipment that will help you to move forward in this industry and enjoy the high growth in the career.

So far Digital Marketing Training Institute has provided various experts to the market who are continuously bringing revolution to this industry. In last few years, SME’s start-ups and corporate have identified the potential of these experts and contribution of these institutes in the providing them with the right candidates who can handle their overall digital marketing activities. Digital marketing is also known as Web marketing, Internet marketing and online marketing, thus do not get confused by these words. These concepts have changed the way of modern marketing styles and companies are finding them more effective and customer oriented.

Therefore, no matter from which stream your completed your graduation, you have complete opportunity to enter this industry. For this, look for the suitable Digital Marketing Training Institute in Delhi and complete the few months course. After training, you will be an expert who will have great career growth and overall development opportunity. You will develop skills and firsthand experience of the activities that you will handle. The purpose of the training is to develop your skill and understanding on how to promote your brand over the modern digital platform.
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