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Cat (Pluto)
💫✨🌟Viva la Pluto🌟✨💫
💫✨🌟Viva la Pluto🌟✨💫

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Hi, I'm Cat or Pluto! I am a writer, roleplayer, and artist.
*Please do not guilt trip me or put ... on my posts.*

•I love
°music! I am in band and play flute, but I want to learn uke and piano.
°I love to play Elder Scrolls Online
°Legend of Zelda (WOLF LINK IS BEST LINK.)

My favorite youtubers are
•Thomas Sanders
•Dodie Clark
•Lucarios Claw
•Bijuu Mike

My favorite bands are:
•Fall Out Boy
•Panic! At The Disco
•Glass Animals
•Owl City
•Marina and the Diamonds
•Twenty One Pilots (but I'm falling out because they're on a hiatus)
•Imagine Dragons

Cool Kids:
+Cokkies Squee™
+Bob Bobington
+halee angel
+Your Deera/ @Hunnie Bear (I CANT TAG HER MAIN)

All art is mine, except for the LoZ pictures I put in.
If you can't already tell, I love Midna
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If you guys live anywhere around where the hurricane Florence has hit like me and a couple of my friends, or you've had bad storms that came from it and there's flooding, please be careful and DO NOT let these men into your house
Be safe you guys
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also i ended uo on the other side of my bed somehow?
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holyt fuck i dont wanna be awake
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love love LOVR hallowee n
please send as many halloween or fall aesthetics as possibl e!!!!k
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i feel like im going to throw up
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is it gay to fuck yourself
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me: 'close your eyes and just
Lay there
Eventually itll happen'

"Kinky lol"


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