12 new features at 12:12:12 on 12/12/2012:

★ 40 NEW puzzles -> 100 puzzles total!
★ ASK FOR HELP with puzzles and share animated solutions!
★ iCloud SYNC for unlocked puzzles and modes!

★ SOLVED iPhone notifications hiding the tetromino - now also shown on the bottom left! (see Settings to turn it off/on)
★ NEW RECORD local high score notification!
★ CHRISTMAS surprise (hint: new Classic skin)!

★ GIFT this GAME button!
★ NOTIFICATIONS of achievement now customized and sliding up from the bottom edge!
★ Game Center offline mode tweaks - now syncs achievements and scores when coming back online!

★ check for other music playing even when just switching to foreground!
★ white screen fade tweaks - also see Settings!
★ "You won!" text in Nightmare on successfully merging all the blocks!

Anyone still thinking about it?

Then get someone to gift it to you, there's now a convenient gift button in the mode selection screen! :D

Or, well - just ask! :D
 We'll be happy to hand out some promo codes - got some new ones for the update, but as usual - not a whole lot. :)
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