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Pictures. Words. Journeys.


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At a Trey Ratcliff photo walk last weekend, a prize was given for the best photo of a fellow photographer. This guy (Justin Lewis) won for his photo of me. :-) Thanks, Justin, and way to go!

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I had a great time meeting so many photographers on the photo walk! Hope to see everyone around more. #TreyUSA   #Phoenix   #photowalk
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Mosquito nets for refugees...

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The latest On Topic post has links relating to "All the world loves a performer".

Contribute your favorite performances and the performers who have touched you. Or watch great performances right now, with links to multimedia sources. Includes: Yo-Yo Ma, the 2008 Royal Shakespeare Company's production of Hamlet (streaming for free, from PBS), sports clips on YouTube, and a few other performances.

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Put up a blog post this morning: "If dresser mirrors were studio cameras, I'd be a star."

It lays a few light thoughts down on the idea that individuals power the artistic performances which really touch us. I also thinly disquise that I might be jealous of you talented actors. (Dana! I'm thinking of you at this very moment.)

I stepped away from my usual scientific and circum-political topics, eyeing the arts for once. And it's about time! Half of what I think about and do every day is writing and entertainment! The blog theme, though, always close to my heart, is unchanged: exploring areas and events related to "the human connection"-- what we mean to one another, how we express it and interact, and how each of those affects the others.
Would love to know if the post gets anyone thinking about performers, the human connection, or any personal favorites you would add as examples of performances that have touched you. Hope you enjoy it!

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This is really tough to watch, but it's important it's being documented. The video shows the body of a Syrian protester who appears to have been tortured to death.

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I'm shortened. Call me from now on, uh, if you want to. It's all courtesy of the URL shortener for Google+ over at I'm guessing nicknames won't last long, so hurry over.

Car headlamp successfully replaced. Nighttime driving is on again! Missing a hair tie, though. Hope it's not somewhere under the hood.
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