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Davy Shirley (T III)
Creator of comics. Artist for hire. But mostly just a tea drinking code monkey who certainly doesn't have any plans involving a death ray. ( )
Creator of comics. Artist for hire. But mostly just a tea drinking code monkey who certainly doesn't have any plans involving a death ray. ( )

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Get your hands on my indie ‪#‎LGBT‬ ‪#‎comics‬ and ‪#‎artwork‬ (and mugs) via ‪#‎gumroad‬ or ‪#‎storenvy‬ with huge discounts until 30th July!

Just add “notatsdcc” code at checkout.

Gumroad (Digital stuff):
Storenvy (Print stuff):
My other stores and commission info:

‪#‎Patreon‬ backers get a free bust sketch with every purchase!

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I've just added some new products to my web store including some brand new mugs! Stocks are limited though so make sure to check them out and grab yours ASAP!
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This weekend (27th-29th May) we’ll be at MCM London Comic Con in the Comic Village at TABLE CL14 !

This year MCM boasts some pretty cool guests from shows like Fringe, Sleepy Hollow, Lost Girl, Sugar Rush, Rwby, etc. as well as a slew of YouTube stars, brand new video game demos (including VR stuff which looks fun) and all of the fun of a huge event packed with pop culture, merch, cosplay, and everything else we’ve come to expect from massive media events. Personlly I’m mostly eyeing the Wacom and art supply booths whilst sobbing quietly in a corner because they’re all far more expensive than my poor bank balance can manage.

However, the part of MCM that I love the most is the Comic Village – and yes I’m incredibly biased but please hear me out. When I first started as an artist at MCM the Comic Village was just a couple of tables out of the way of the “main event” and it’s amazing to think that our little patch of dirt has grown into a thriving metropolis of over 200 tables worth of artistic talent and creativity. Yes, you’ll find a few notable creators from Marvel/DC and the rest – but the Comic Village really shines because of the amazing work of small press and indie artists. So, if you’ve ever thought “I really wish DC/Marvel would do a comic about…” – check out the Comic Village. Whether you want comics featuring LGBT/PoC characters, stories about the Moon fighting crime, an interview that ends worlds, kids comics, a one-eyed monster girls adventures, black market soul traders, girls fighting narrative tropes with shoe-based martial arts, or even some new heroes to read about – Comic Village has you covered.

We hope that you’ll join us, and just in case you’re not sure where table CL14, or the Comic Village are here’s a handy map (including the locations of most of the artists I collaborated with on ‪#‎ProjectAutumn‬ – which you’ll also be able to grab a copy of at the show – or click this link to pre-order yours today).

Remember to follow Donna and myself on Instagram and Twitter as we’ll be posting photos and updates throughout the weekend!

MCM Website:

Full Show Guide:


See you there!!
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I’m currently open for art commissions! ( )

The guide prices above are per character (except for the coloured sketch offer) and don’t include commercial rights.

I’m also available to hire for comic pages and other art/writing projects - so if you don’t see a price listed for what you have in mind, do get in touch and just ask (I promise I won’t bite)!

Email me:

You can also support my art and comic projects such as the LGBT* adventure romance Fera via Patreon ( ) where you can get early access to new artwork, comics, and more for as little as $1 per month!

For more info and my other stores (inc. merch, comics, shirts, and more):

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Very soon we’ll be heading to London for MCM Comic Con at the ExCel once again! You can find us in the Comic Village at TABLE J5 – there’s a map below to help.

As always we’ll have our (sometimes queer) comics, art prints, and more for sale AND we’ll be sketching strange and wonderful things all weekend. So if you’ve ever wanted to see what you’d look like as an angelKat, particularly want a sketch of Tom Hiddleston’s bottom, or want to leave it in the hands of our automatic “Sketch Machine of Doooooom!” and get something a little bit more unexpected (e.g. Vikings discovering Disco) you should come and say hello!

Read more at:

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I'm currently open for commissions from as little as £5!!!

Pricing is per character (except for the special coloured sketches offer). For full details check out the link:

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Check out our Patreon page ( ) and support the creation of sometimes queer comics and artwork from angelKat Entertainment for as little as $1 per month!

This Patreon will help fund future print runs of comic books, allowing us to shift focus from freelance work that we can’t share with you guys due to “oh noes bills” - and work on more content for you!

That means we’ll be one step closer to the release of our horror, sci-fi, and LGBT romance comics that have been sadly neglected of late.
Rewards range from early access to comic pages/art, discounts, commissions, books, and more!

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Already got an order for volumes 2 & 3! Let's celebrate #SmallBusinessSaturday by sharing a favorite comic, book, band, artist or crafter that you'd like support!

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Check out my Patreon and support the creation of (sometimes queer) British art and comics for as little as $1 per month and grab yourself some awesome rewards, early access to comics, and exclusive Patron-only artwork!

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The first issue of angelKat Entertainments’ super hero comic book series “The Editors” by Paul Burr and Davy Shirley, is now available on Amazon Kindle.

The Editors is a tale of capes, conspiracies, and surviving the reset, and was long listed for “Best Comic” in the British Comic Awards 2013.

It’s a lovingly written series looking at what it means to be a hero/villain and how the resets and ret-cons of the mainstream comics industry affects it’s characters.

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