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Davina K. Brewer
Communications (PR, Social, Design) pro blah blah seeking new career. Also known to travel, play cards, drink wine, watch TV, cheer for LSU.
Communications (PR, Social, Design) pro blah blah seeking new career. Also known to travel, play cards, drink wine, watch TV, cheer for LSU.

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I don't get it. I take beautiful pictures with my iPhone all the time. Whether it's a camera or someone's phone, when I take pictures for them - sans selfie stick!! - those pictures come out nice.

So why, when I hand my iPhone to another iPhone owner, do the pictures of me come out so terrible?! sigh 😔. 

another day of trying to find more people, media, brands who are active on G+ to follow.. and not really finding any. Somehow the 'explore' option doesn't really make it easy to do. P.S. 'active' and hopefully doing more than just dumping links. FWIW. 

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Finally. Been talking this a while, and not just w/ celebs. Every time I read about some social media 'star' that I've never heard of) making $$ on YT and IG, I'm like disclosure much. Esp. IG where it's starting to seem like all ads.

Guess the clues are there. Even on FB, the 'I'm now part of multilevel marketing X' updates or the 'link in post' description. That's not how I buy or shop, still I think it's important to disclose when it's paid. FWIW. 
If you follow a bunch of celebrities on Instagram, you probably can't tell what posts on your feed are sponsored and which aren't.

Can we call a moratorium on the "I turned off the (insert life distraction like email, SM, TV here) and cured cancer and took out the calories from Krispy Kreme" posts?! please. Like anything else, it's a balance and a setting priorities and not at all simple.

How one person manages their 24/168 is not how someone else can. Many are struggling, commuting for hours, doing great work at jobs for little pay so they work any more, on top of running the lives that happen outside of work. So that thing - TV or FB or their bowling league - is actually their escape, their mental health break, the only virtual vacation they get.

IDK there's always some not so subtle judgement in these posts, digs at eating out too much or not getting enough exercise. It is so hard to run for success, when most days you're exhausted from keeping head barely above the water. Anyway, not a fan of these posts b/c there' something so 'just do it' about them, with zero hints on the 'how' and as if the 'just' was so easy. FWIW. 

oops.. clicked a 'blogging for blogging bloggers' blog post. Don't need someone to sell me their secret to success formula. I know what mine looks like, I need the super secret hidden road map to find the people who hire people like me.

And FWIW I don't mean digital stalking - ahem, networking - been there, done that. I've written some creamy content that didn't rise. I've socialized and commented; I've curated and shared and helped others along the way. Some days it's like I've done everything 'right' and am still doing something wrong. For my next trick, I'll figure out what that is. #minipost 

So I am waiting at doc catching up on SM.. scrolling Google+ and Twitter and FWIW the difference is hmm 🤔:

Twitter is constant, easy to browse the trending hashtags as well as my feed. though with the open platform, so much programmed an automated noise it's absolutely useless on my phone. VS

Google Plus there's only a handful of posts, with yes a lot of link dumps, but at least a human had to think about it. But then they recommend I follow - ahem - circle some profiles that have been dormant for two years. 

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ICYMI - There was an envelope mixup at the Oscars and social media was 'to blame.'

I'm not always a fan of using your personal cell phone at work and that event highlighted one reason why - it's a distraction. Same with social media; to block or not block social media, there are times it depends. FWIW This is what I wrote: 

ugh.. why can't I go back to classic version?? Hate this scroll down, one post at a time version. One decent thing G+ had right was showing multiple posts in a single view, across columns --- made it much easier to scan content. 

what started as a #ThursdayThoughts on 'social media at work' tweet turned into a G+ post, now it's really timely and might make a quick blog post. To WordPress I go. 

‪The thing w/ first impressions: you have to consider the other side. ‬

‪At doc waiting past appointment time. #FWP I know. Not a big deal, running 13 minutes late and counting.

Except the snobby appointment booker who was all "be 15 minutes early with all paper. Unlike other doctors, we start on time."

They're thinking the office visit is my first customer experience - it's not, it's all the calls. And FWIW I agreed to come in earlier at their request. 
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