Our Privacy Policy and the Permissions we use in Chronus

Privacy Policy
We do not collect, nor do we share any Private information of our users.  The information Chronus uses is exclusively limited to displaying the appropriate content in the placed Widgets on the configured device.  


New in Version 4.5.0 - Extensions
The GET_ACCOUNTS and READ_CONTENT_PROVIDER permissions are used by the built-in Gmail Extension to list the available accounts and display an unread count. We don't have any access to the email content.

The READ_CALL_LOG permission is used by the Missed calls Extension to display the missed call and voicemail notifications.

The READ_CONTACTS and READ_SMS permissions are used by the the Text messages extension to display details of incoming messages.

NOTE: None of these permissions are used anywhere else in Chronus and if the extensions are not enabled, their associated data is not accessed.

All versions:
The ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION and ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION permissions are used to determine the device's Geolocation coordinates (Latitude/Longitude).  We pass these two values to the selected Weather Providers location service in order to get a weather location ID that can be used to query the local weather data.

We use the ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE to detect when the network state changes so we can either stop background network queries (Weather, News) when the network is not connected (such as when Airplane mode is on) or restart the queries when the network becomes available again.  This saves a lot of battery!

The DISABLE_KEYGUARD permission is needed to allow for the clicking of links in the News and Forecast panels while on the Lock screen. We use this permission to trigger the standard Android secure unlock challenge API prompting the user to unlock so that Chronus can launch the browser to display the link. Your device's security is not compromised in any way.

The INTERNET permission is required for the widget to access your device's network to retrieve the Weather and News data.

The calendar panel uses the READ_CALENDAR permission for accessing the calendar API to retrieve upcoming calendar events.

RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED is required to trigger the starting up of the back-end services at boot time.  These services include the Clock (Android 4.1), Weather, News and Calendar update services.

The WAKE_LOCK permission is required to wake the device temporarily to do a background Weather or News update.  These updates typically only take a few seconds after which the WAKE_LOCK is released and the device goes to sleep again.

The READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE and WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permissions are used by the Backup and restore feature when writing and reading the backup files to and from the SDCARD.

The BILLING permission is self explanatory.

And lastly, the READ_LOGS permission is used for the 'Logcat' feature in the About Chronus section and only allows access to the Chronus log events, nothing else.
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