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Its back ...

Say hello to Chronus, the elegant Home and Lock screen clock, weather and calendar widget.

By popular demand I am releasing the widget as a stand-alone, Play store installable app.

Functionally the same as the Cyanogenmod cLock widget and brought to you by the same developer, this independently released, standalone widget takes back its original name, Chronus and brings the same elegant look and feel to the broader Android community.

The standard version is functionally equivalent to the CyanogenMod cLock widget in CM10.2 with added support for older versions of Android. A 'pro' version of the widget will be released in Q4 2013 with additional features and customizations.

Features (all versions):
  - Support for Android 4.1 and later
  - Supports adding as a widget to either the Home screen (Android 4.1+) or Lock screen (Android 4.2+) or both
  - Select between Analog or Digital clock panel and customize the look and feel
  - Choose whether to show Alarms
  - Change font bold/normal in Digital Clock, Date and Alarm
  - AM/PM indicator for 12 hour clock
  - Weather panel with Yahoo! weather
  - Color or Monochrome weather icons
  - Minimized weather widget support (especially handy on lock screen)
  - Calendar panel showing a scrollable list of upcoming events
  - Tapping event opens calendar at selected event
  - Taping calendar icon opens Calendar at today's date
  - Change the font color of all text in all panels
  - Configure widget when adding or from the Chronus app in the app drawer
  - Highlight upcoming calendar events with custom colors and font bolding

Even though I wrote significant parts of the widget, lots of credit also goes to Danny Baumann for his work on the weather updating service and general code cleanup, the many CyanogenMod community translators for adding all the languages that are included, and other community contributors such as Nicolai Ehemann and Matt Booth for the fixes and additional features they have contributed.
Welcome to Chronus, an elegant Home and Lock screen clock, weather and cale...
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Awesome! Thanks a lot for this!! It's the best widget ever! 
Awesome! I've always loved this widget!
+Delphin PETER the source is the same as the CM github LockClock app.   Just submit them to gerrit and once merged into CM I can pull it over.

Thank you for the offer.
Careful, people might start calling you money hungry for releasing a gasp paid version based on code that was originally open-source...

But in all actuality, that is awesome. I love the functionality of cLock and I'm glad others not using CM can use it. Any taste on what extra features will make it on the paid version? And will it work nicely with the one already in CM?
+Jeremy Hansen :-) the current source and functionality will remain open and free, just available to all.

Paid for features will be net new developed code. There is nothing sinister in that.

It coexists with CM and you can run both if you want. Extra features will probably include additional widget layouts, configurable tap actions, alternate weather providers and customization options. 
I look forward to it. I was just trying to beat the other trolls who might try and jump in here.

I'll definitely buy it when it comes out. How'd you get around the copyright issue on the name?
+Jeremy Hansen there is no copyright issues with the name AFAIK. There was a threat made to CyanogenMod to stop using it and they decided not to fight it. I'm releasing this as myself, not in any official CyanogenMod capacity and as such am willing to fight it if need be. The version in CyanogenMod remains cLock so they are safe. 
+Renato Dias can you please provide a screenshot and description of the bug as well as the time/date configuration of your device and the version of Android you are running.

I will look into the bug and see if I can fix it once I know what it is.
How to get that wallpaper in the screenshots?
Great job David, but please fix the 24h bug, after 23:59 it should display 00:00 and not 24:00, 24:01, 24:02 and so on until 24:59 because it makes the day with 25 hours ;)
Very nice work. One thing I'm noticing is it seems to only be displaying weather in celsius, even if i toggle the setting. Not sure if it's just me.
+Alan Tuohey , you need to do a weather refresh after the setting is changed - the indicator comes from Yahoo not the device - just tap on the weather panel in the widget after making the change and it will start showing F.

I will see if we can force a refresh on settings change.
Great to see this on the Store for use with all phones, was one thing I surely missed from CM before Dashclock came around.

Although I have no idea why nothing except the clock is displayed, Weather doesn't refresh and no items from the calendar. Clicking on refresh for weather doesn't do anything. Phone is a N4 running stock Google image.

[edit] Said to a friend also running N4 and Google image to try the app and same behavior. 
+Nick Cooter hmm, I don't remember releasing the one with the color picker, certainly not by wheel. Can you send me screenshot please. 
+Tadej Rudec are you seeing the weather panel but with no data or not at all? I assume you resized it properly 
Do you think we will in the future be able to change fx default clock, calender and weather app? Fx I use timely instead of stock clock to set my alarms and so on.
By the way, love your app. Nice to be able to install it without having CM. Keep up the good work. :)
In the future, is possible to make it compatible with Android 4.0? Nice work!
Hi, does this app need root to work?
I just installed it on my Nexus 4 with the latest jellybean and it just goes to the default lockscreen
Question, on a Galaxy Note 2 how do you set the clock so it will show up on the lock screen? Thank you.
+JR Smith you can only do it if you are running android 4.2 or later.  Slide to the left on the lock screen and use the + button to add the widget.
+J Alberto Abreu you have to add it manually to the lock screen for it to work - see the comment above and no, it does not need root
+Pata Sho unfortunately not.  We are using API calls that were introduced by Google with Android 4.1
+Tadej Rudec what location are you in?  can you set a custom location?  Do you have location services enabled in device, location settings?
Question, on a Galaxy Note 2 how do you set the clock so it will show up on the lock screen? Thank you.
+David van Tonder Yes of course I have services enabled. My location cannot be found even when trying to set it manually. On CM I had good experiences with the Yahoo API. I'm in Slovenija, EU and it shouldn't be the locations fault, since my friend as I said above tried in the Netherlands and got the same result. There should also be some events tomorrow to be displayed, but there are none as you can see on the screenshot.

I'm willing to do some testing with the apks manually, got root and experiences with testing, hit me a hangout/email, if you want. 
+David van Tonder not trying to be skeptical about this..but...
Is this a happening similar to how the focal project was made available in the playstore, and removed from cm?
Hello +David van Tonder , I have always dreamed of a compatibility with dashclock widget. Is that in your plans to have a look at Roman Nurik's code and add such feature?

Having developer that create plugin for both widget would be awesome and you will immediately gain thousands of features.

Thanks for your hard work
+Dexter McDew not at all. I'm still a contributor to cm and the cLock widget will remain an integral part of CM. No unhappiness here. 
+Waza_Be if I can figure out how it will work visually without making the widget look cluttered or messy I will consider it for sure. 
+David van Tonder Excellent work...looks fantastic! Definitely looking forward to the pro version. Is a background transparency setting possible? 
Can you make it compatible with GB? 
I got a response on my review stating that there's is widget and text resizing but I see no option. When you scale the widget to different sizes, some of the data gets cut off. As for text resizing, there's none, just the option to change colors. Please advise. Aside from that, it's real nice widget. Also that there's more options for Pro version? Is that available now? 
I've used this with CyanogenMod 10.2 and I think it's a wonderfully functional and nice-looking widget. However, my both Samsung devices have suffered from WeatherUpdateService wakelocks if the Yahoo Weather is enabled. These wakelocks keep the device awake close to 100% of time. The update interval has always been the standard 60 minutes. Maybe this is because of my location, I don't know. I'd be happy to run more analysis to help solve this if needed. 
+Ali Mohammed the scaling options are dynamic, the text resizes as the widget resizes. That is what I meant in my reviews response. It's very difficult to add manual text sizing and still have the widget resize properly and fit all the panels. It's one of the disadvantages of building a modern app, there are just too many screen sizes, devices and rom versions to be able to make everything work perfectly everywhere. It requires some design compromises to be made. 
+Tapio Valli you should not experience wakelock issues. Do you have signal strength issues where you are? 
+David van Tonder
Thank you for the response and it's no problem. I just had some other designs that I'd like to utilize your widget for but I can make it work. 
I was able to add it to lockscreen but not the home screen because it doesn't appear in the widget list. Nexus 4 stock.

Edit: works correctly after reboot
This is awesome - Thank you +David van Tonder 

One annoyance that I have noticed is that the widget requires more space than it uses. I am trying to use the time and weather (no calendar) and to get the full weather readout it requires 3 blocks vertically, however, it only appears to use two and I cannot put icons in that blank space.  Any reason for this or way to fix it?

Te Liu
The alarm clock won't evoke the dialogue on Samsung Note 8 with 4.2.2 rom CivZ-FLEX-BEAM-REV3.2 + SphereEngine.  Nor the cLock version 2.2.6. 
+David van Tonder sent you those screen shots of color options in hangouts. That ok or do you prefer a different method?
Hi my Mobile runs in Jelly bean 4.2.1 I have installed this app but how to make use of it. I do not have a widget options available for this app. Please help me out
Sorry if this isn't the best place to leave user feedback.

1. Lovely widget
2. Tapping weather section should open forecast
3. Sizing/scaling could be more efficient. In particular the 4x2 widget leaves lots of blank space, the 4x3 content would actually fit into it. In 4x3 the bottom 1/3 is completely empty space.

Nexus 4 stock.

Thanks for a beautiful piece of work.
+Rip Rowan I tried rebooting still I do not find the Chronus in Widget list please help me out
Great work. I understand the licence for the future paid version will change. Will also change the license of cLock?
Quite often widget freezes, and current time isn't updated. Tapping weather refresh, fixes the time... for a few minutes. Probably background process is killed by system due to low free memory, still most other clock widgets had means to restart themselves.
I'm using CM10 (JB 4.1.2) on Xperia J.
If that helps, refreshing weather does not help for long, launching chronus icon from launcher does not help at all, removing and then adding widget works like charm.
+Marcin Kotowicz its because android is killing the app process to save memory and the alarm service that is supposed to do the updates is killed with it, when the widget refreshes, the tick alarm is not restarted.
+Marcin Kotowicz can you private message (or email) me your contact info - I have a test version of Chronus I would like you to try and see if the clock issue is less apparent/solved.
i really like chronus on my lock screen - i have one question: when i first access my lock screen, chronus is minimized to time, date, weather - is it intentional that i have to swipe to reveal appointments?
+Craig Ford that is how android works. Lock screen widgets on the first lock screen always start minimised to allow for the unlock below it. We added a feature to start widgets maximised in cyanogenmod. It's a system level change, apps cannot override it. 
Now chronus refreshes correctly every time i check my screen. There are occasional ForceCloses now, but without any impact on how the clock works. Thank You!
It's the best widget ever but why on galaxy s3 4.1.2 the format of minutes is not equal to that of android jb stock clock (the minutes remain bold)?
Liking the widget but I've noticed when weather is in fahrenheit min/max display properly but current temp is not refreshing properly. Still showing the earlier morning cooler temps.
I'm seeing similar issue as a few others. I can no longer see calendar events unless size is 3 blocks high. This has changed recently. I only use Time/Calendar (no weather) and , up till about a week ago, i could set it at 2 blocks.
Calendar event does not work on my phone (sgs3, stock, 4.1.2). The rest works fine.
From all clock widgets I've tested, this is the one. I want to request a small feature: have an option to group calendar events by day to ease readability.
btw - I only have stock devices, Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 so my issue was unrelated to touchwiz or any other skin.
+Fiona Lindberg can you send me a screenshot of your issues?

To change to celcius/farenheidt, you need to go into Chronus settings and check/uncheck the 'Use metric' setting in weather settings - you may then have to do a  weather refresh to download the data in the new format (if it does not do it automatically, which it should).

As for the temperature it shows, as long as the widget is updating correctly (look at the timestamp) the data comes from Yahoo (or accuweather).  We only show what we get to show, we don't have the ability to measure the current temperature or anything fancy like that - if the data is wrong, the problem is with the the provider, not the widget.
Hi David, I have Nexus 5 now and have not installled. I will try and if same issue will send you screenshot. Thanks.
The ”out of sync clock” problem has been solved?
My Samsung Galaxy S2 (i9100) 4.3.1- Cyanogenmod 10.2 still have the problem.
cLock ver. 3.1.0

Thank you.
Strange, but still happend...
I will try to wipe the battery stats. It's a suggestion on a forum for this problem.

Thank you.
+Don Romano. Never wipe battery stats. It doesn't do anything and is a placebo. Whomever told you to do it doesn't know android. I would rather check if you have a task killer running. If you do, uninstall it. It's not needed on Android. 
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