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Starting with lock screen widgets maximized, one of the most requested features, has just been merged. 

Thanks goes to Dirk Rettschlag, Danny Baumann and +Robert Burns 
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Awesome. Thanks!  Is there any chance of a subset of these features to come to the default lock screen clock for those who's enterprise lock downs disable all but the default clock (i.e. No Chronos, or camera access)?
it would also be nice to have notifications maximized by default. possible? 
They just require that the exchange server be a device administrator.  This mostly mandates a pin, disables  widgets, enables remote wipe and monitors password attempts. CyanogenMod is not approved/disapproved.
How easy is it to install CyanogenMod? Have Atrix 4G but really want all the Jellybean features. 
This is great. Look forward to the eventual RC1 release where I will try the CM goodness.
+David van Tonder I follow your post and see you guys work hard to update often the CM. But is this build for just the nexus? I don't have many of these features and I'm running 10.1 nightly on SCH - 1535 (VZW S3) thanks! 
Oh ok, and so the new features are added to the newest daily drivers? 
Loving the expanded Chronus. I have just one suggestion. Seems the setting for it is in a strange place. After installing, I went to Chronus settings looking for the setting, but instead found it in lock screen settings. I think chronus settings should be in lock screen widget settings. This is just my opinion and seems like it would be more natural. Maybe a setting inside to"expand chronus on lock screen"
+Andy Libreros BTW, just felt like pointing out that a nightly is completely NOT a daily driver. A daily driver is something that you would consider stable enough for stable use. And yes, the new features will be in the next nightly
+Halil Öztoprak you can add up to 5 shortcuts on a phone and 8 on a tablet and they can be any activity or app you choose. That should be enough , no ?
This update is great, thanks!
Coupled with menu unlock, this is awesome :) 
This feature is great, already love it. Such a no brainer you have to wonder why it is not in AOSP
Not sure if I'm doing it right, but I still have to unlock the widget and then unlock the screen, two steps. I have widgets maximized. How can I just have it on the screen it the unlock slider?
With maximised widget, you slide then unlock, it's what everyone has been asking for. If you just want to unlock, don't maximise widget. You then sacrifice some of the display on the chronos lockscreen widget.
Any thoughts on an option to pick font color for people with a brighter wallpaper?
+Josh Chesarek its in the works.  In the meantime, I we added text shadowing to make it work better on light backgrounds
One issue I've found with this, on my SGS3 running 10.1 nightlies, is that the owner info gets covered up by a maximized widget. I turned it off so that my owner info shows up (I keep my name/phone number there in case of a lost phone). Just something to be aware of. It seems unlikely that someone who found the phone would know to collapse the widget to find the information. Thanks for the work!
Is it a design decision or a bug that secondary users (on tablets with multi-user) don't have these settings available? In Settings, there is no "System" (it makes sense to hide a subset of the settings within, but Chronus settings are in there, too) or "Lock screen" (these should all be per-user, and some are also available under "Security").
hola parece que no escribes español ah yo no entiendo lo que escribes perdon
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