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Introducing Chronus, the new CyanogenMod 10.1 Clock, Weather and Calendar Home and Lock screen widget.

As a result of some initial confusion over the use of the name 'Lock Clock' for the new CyanogenMod 10.1 Clock widget, specifically users not realizing that it can be used as a Home screen widget as well, it was decided to rename the widget to Chronus, the Latinized name for Chronos, the God of Time.  

To configure the widget, look under Settings, System.  Users are able to configure the Clock display as well as enable and configure both the Weather and Calendar panels.

Once configured, the widget can be added to the either one or both of the Home and Lock screens like any other widget.  Please note that the configuration is universal - it applies to all instances of the widget. 

The widget displays information based on both its configuration as well as its size.

On the Home screen, be sure to resize it to fit all the content.

On Phones, Lock screen widgets start in a 'minimized' state when the screen turns on.  To view the the full widget, 'maximize' it by swiping down.  This is how Lock screen widgets work on Android 4.2.  We are looking into ways of altering this behaviour without negatively affecting the user experience.

On Tablets, Lock screen widgets show in the 'maximized' state by default. 

Chronus will make its way into the nightlies starting today.  It is still a bit of a work in progress with minor bugs to fix and more features to add.

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Nice. Just read this on the Mako forum a little while ago. 
Rob M.
Perfect ROM gets more perfect.
I hop to add Whatsapp notification widget on lock screen like that on ios (notification center) 
Can we have an option to change the date format? Pretty please.
Hopefully someone can pull the apk out so I can use it on my stock ICS.  I like the way this looks.
+Candido Nogueira no, wont make it to CM10, it requires the new 10.1 lock screen widgets support.  If anything we could probably make it available as a Home screen widget on cm10...

+Michael CoZ same comment as above.  
I like Chronus, thank you. I also use Weather Underground (I like the local weather station reporting). 12/31/2012 CM10.1 build crashes the Wunderground widget consistently. Not sure if this is a Chronus issue or if Wunderground needs an update. I prefer Wunderground as a weather data source to Yahoo. Any chance of ultimately being able to use Chronus with Wunderground data? 
Thanks for crushing my hopes David. ;-) Excellent work nonetheless
+Doug Darnell if the service is free we can consider adding support for it.  Most weather api's require a paid license though so until that changes, Yahoo it is.  
+Moise Paul (From David van Tonder's earlier post concerning your question) "no, wont make it to CM10, it requires the new 10.1 lock screen widgets support.  If anything we could probably make it available as a Home screen widget on cm10..."
Looks cool then I could drop the widget I have their. 
+Moise Paul you need to installl CM 10.1 to get the widget for now. Its not a stand alone app.
Matt B
wow - that looks neat & functional

great work !
+Paul Morris that is the way Google made the deskclock in android 4.2. If you paid any attention to the pictures above you would have seen that we have added the option to disable the bold hours, something Google did not do. 
if only recent, modern hardware did not rely on guesswork blobs of camera,radio,gps,etc. device drivers, then cm10.1 would be viable for more than just the nexus's.
Cancel my resume to hoi RR
+Paul Morris I don't think 1 response counts as being flamed ; )  And i think they do different styles because of the look.  that's the same look of the homescreen clock i created with minimalist text.  some people like it.
This is very nice. Any chance of a left/right/center alignment on the time? Maybe even color selection for both widgets? 
+David van Tonder This is a really cool widget and I am glad to see it in CM 10.1.  I do notice though that after I add the widget I can only see the weather and calendar entries after its locked.  Meaning i have to slide the home screens around so the "lock" symbol appears at the bottom then I can see the info.  If i just press the power button and return to the lock screen i only see the clock.
+David van Tonder You are absolutely correct.  Sorry I missed that..perhaps I should read fully before I ask :)  Great work and perfect addition.  I'm enjoying it already.
what else can it do apart from the above mentioned things?
I have enabled this on the latest nightly for i9300 and can see all the info tucked up above my lock screen pattern, pulling it down makes no difference! 
Great work by the way, a welcome addition.
Since some assholes started spamming this thread with crap and inane comments, I am disabling comments.  
Enabling comments again.  Lets see if the trolls come back ...
Is this there on 31/12 nightly of galaxysmtd . If yes , then I am going to update my custom ROM and include the upstream fixes.
Looks pretty cool.  It took me a while to realize that I had to swipe down on the clock to get the calendar and weather to show up.

I'm wondering more about the possibility of a feature of CM10 coming into CM10.1.  There was the ability to show the slider shortcuts before the pin.  I miss that.
what about this becoming a standalone widget? I love it on the nightly but my GS3 has issues with google music after the december 22 nightly, also several of my devices likely won't see 4.2 
There is a possibility it may be released as a standalone widget via the play store - I am looking into it
Where can I get that wallpaper? Very nice...
+David van Tonder. Is it possible to disable status clock on status bar in lockscreen when chronos is loaded? Like default lock widget.
And it would be great if we could set background, it's useful when we want use chronos for home screen. 
Great work. It would be great if we could also see the calendar appointments from TouchDown. Can you implement this (like pure calendar widget) ?
Ok. Maybe me too dumb. Went to settings, but can't find System.
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