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Anybody concerned about this? #Drive
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It says in the article comments that you can use CTRL to mark several folders.
True, I had missed that! I still turn up my nose at the word "folder", but it's a relief. Thanks +Linus Ågren.
I think using the "folder" terminology makes sense. Most people don't even know what labels are, let alone how to use them effectively. I think people who do know can stand the confusion of instead calling them "folders" and having the ability to have a file in several folders to save the mast majority from thinking Drive is confusing for not having folders.

You also have to remember that Drive is supposed to integrate with existing operating systems, and tag based file systems aren't exactly plentiful. Using the term "folder" makes sense both from the point of not confusing people and also from the point of integration with actual folders in actual filesystems today. Just add the ability of one file being in several folders at the same time and everybody's happy.
Market wise, I agree with you. But Google, just like other big companies such as Apple or Facebook, promotes innovation. Innovation is necessarily about cultural change. Think about the way you use internet today, compared to 10 or even just 5 years ago. These companies introduced completely new ways of thinking the web. They innovated and even created markets.

Folder is a term which makes you think of a physical folder, which is radically different from a physical label. I loved it when Google first challenged the concept of organizing files in foders, introducing Gmail labels. There is no need in the digital world to think in "folders". That's an old concept and it should be dropped altogether.

What I was hoping is that Google would introduce this change in file systems too, through their OS Chrome. Then the change would be assimilated and replicated by other operative systems. That would be promoting innovation, which in the IT sector has proven more successful than following the market.
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