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Davide Nastri
Full time hacker since 1979
Full time hacker since 1979

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Hi all!

I am sending a dynamically generated list to my Pebble and I would like to be able to send back the index number of the chosen element back to Tasker...
Anybody knows how?

Thanks =) 

Hi all!

Thanks for your lovely softwares I use many of them everyday and I am really happy.

I wanted to ask if I can use autopebble list in a task instead of in a profile.

I have a task reading lines from a text file and I would like to use those lines to build a list and send it to the Pebble.

Is this possible?



Hi there!

Is anybody able to use custom vibration pattern in autopebble notification?

I mean...

Has anybody tried it with success? 

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Meraviglia meravigliosa.

Chi può vada a goderselo live.

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I see...

Hello everyone!

I am trying to set a custom vibration pattern for my AutoPebble without success.

If I set any pattern (like 100,100,100) the notification simply stops arriving on the watch.

If I delete the pattern it starts working again...

What am I doing wrong?


Da queste parti ci sono possessori di Pebble che abbiano mai usato una schermata di settings con PebbleJS?

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I have another brand new video for you, it's called The Weather Machine. Pleeeeease share it with your friends (if you like it), to help me get this music into as many ears as possible, and hopefully continue my lifelong mission of not getting a real job.

Pay What You Want song and album pre-orders here: Guitar tab available here:

This is the second video from the album Live In The Acoustic Asylum, out September 8th.

The lyrics of The Weather Machine tell an allegorical tale mocking Western anti-terror propaganda. Musically it's a metal-heavy Arabic-influenced onslaught. It might offend the sensibilities of some of my acoustic purist fans (sorry folks), but to me being a songwriter is sometimes about more than painting pretty pictures.

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Musicians. Inspire yourself. Don't imagine your sound and then create it. That's almost impossible, despite what people will tell you. Make sounds free from expectations, then listen to them. Truly listen, until you can hear the potential for beauty somewhere within it. Allow yourself to be inspired by what YOU are doing.

That's my advice.
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