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Is Nexus 10 - or Android 4.2 - buggy?

I recently got a Nexus 10 tablet: the device itself is really amazing, with a bright and sharp display, good audio, a nice piece of hardware. However, I do believe the tablet - or most probably Android 4.2 - is really buggy. I thought it had hardware issues at first, but then I noticed by googling around that I am not the only one with the same problems (with Android 4.2 in particular). I wonder why there are no articles on the main Android magazines about this.

Just sharing in case anyone else has the same problems: maybe adding complaints on the Google bug tracker will help to have them fixed sooner than later.

The first problem I noticed was with a Bluetooth keyboard: it is a cheap one, but it worked quite ok with the iPad, while with the Nexus is sometimes sending multiple times the same key press (not a huge issue, although annoying), and most of the times it disconnects and the Bluetooth stops working completely (can't even find other BT devices). Also, it seems like Wifi is affected as well, and if I turn it off and on again, it will never come back online until I restart the tablet.

Auto brightness
This is less big than the previous one, but still not nice to see: when the brightness is set to auto, it simply does not stay stable as it should. Sometims is too dark, then goes back to a normal value, then goes down again. Very annoying.

Self reboot
This is the BIG one: the device self reboots multiple times a day, even doing nothing so special. It happens to me most of the times when opening Chrome, by clicking a link or opening a new tab (I use Chrome a lot, so maybe that's the reason). It also happens using other softwares, like Youtube etc. and I couldn't  find a pattern to replicate it. Some people suggests to remove an app (HD Widgets), but I never used it, so it is not my case. This is really driving me crazy, because the tablet is really hardly usable with this issue.

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+Rznag Rmrod yeah, I tried... been in tail with adb logcat for an hour, until it froze, but no luck. Nothing really interesting appeared in the logs.
4.2 on my Nexus 4 has not froze or restarted once. Will have a Nexus 10 in a few weeks once I return from working in Jordan.
Oh and have had my Nexus 4 for 2 weeks
oh that` s strange...but perhaps the last error got lost because adb disconnected before it could write the error message could try letting logcat write to a file, perhaps you have then some messages more in the log after a reboot...but if lots of people have this symptoms it` s probably more an os problem than a hardware problem..i know that doesn` t help, but a software problem is more likely to be faster fixed than hardwareproblems
+Colby Brown I think you should explain how you got the Nexus 4 for that long :P However, I don't seem to see the problem on the Galaxy Nexus, which is updated to 4.2 as well. It does look a bit slower than before, though. I also have the Nexus 7, and it is updated, but I did not use it so much with the last OS - so not sure if it happens there as well.
+Rznag Rmrod Not really, adb was still running all the way during the reboot. I do see the services have been killed, the system restarted and all the startup messages. There are a couple of exceptions, but nothing that seems to help by googling them.
So it` s just a soft reboot and not a full reboot ?! Perhaps some memory leaks which kill the main services. Sorry, can` t help you any further. Were just some ideas but it seems to be a bit more complex problem.
Haha. I consult with Android, so I get all the goodies :) As for the Nexus 7, I too have it...a few of them actually. Mine is runny just as smooth as my N4 and hasn't restarted once either. Honestly, you might just have a faulty Nexus 10. My N10 is on the way, but I leave today for Jordan for 3 weeks, so I won't get to play with it until I get back to the states...
+Rznag Rmrod yeah indeed :( as you can see, there are many others with similar issues, but so far none provided a good solution. It takes like 20 seconds to reboot, so out is definitely soft reboot I'd say.
+Colby Brown aha I see. Then it is you who gets the VIP version of Android without bugs :P Jokes apart, I thought about hardware, but all those links make me think it can't be. Thinking about calling Google for a replacement, but if software no point...
Just upgraded to 4.2 on both my Nexus Galaxy and Nexus 7, and yes. It is a bit buggy. I would say I think it is a bit slower and sometimes I noticed the GPS being used with no reason. A couple of games I had does not work anymore. However, still no crash.
Nexus 7 upgraded, I think 4.2 sucks badly. I wish I didn't upgrade. Who's the moron that decided to have to dropdown options, one for config and one for notifications? That's the kind of half-assed design that makes me mad about Microsoft products, you idiots. Google Product Managers are clueless, they doesn't test their products, they throw them out there. Like the system to answer to Hangout calls! Geez, what are they smoking? Could they make it more hopelessly complicated? If you're even slightly color blind you're screwed... my father cannot answer calls with that moronic way to answer a call.

4.2 seems slower too... and don't get me started with the three buttons -back/home/recent windows, because that's the mother of all bad designs.
Why did Nokia and Palm commit suicide? Seriosly, man, Android may be the best option out there but boy, it sucks.
I upgraded my Nexus 7 to Android 4.2 and I love it. Everything smooth so far.
Marv Di
I'm experiencing all those 4.2 bugs on my Nexus 7.  I'm a new Android user but at this rate, not for long.  I let their years long beta products slide but for products they expect people to shell out money for is what makes people like me go back to Apple.  Freaking tired of finding workarounds just to make Android stable but the 4.2 update had other plans.
well to tell u the truth .. i havnt experianced many issues on 4.2 (N7) just a few.and its smooth n faster thn 4.1.2 even on stock .. 
1. Bluetooth is broke 
2.OTG is broke as well (but i knw will b fixed soon as soon as custom kernels r updated )
3.on a auto brightness is gotten worse 
4.custom recovery have issues to make a nandroid backup probably coz of tht multiuser interface and internal storage turns into "0" ... ..!!!
but thts it .. no hot boots for me so far ..
Right now, my Nexus 10 turned off, and I can't get it to boot again. Any tips on this one? Tablet is really great, but this issue is really annoying.
+Manuel Schulz that never happened to me... perhaps the old method (used to work with middle-age Nokia phones) to keep it charging for a few hours, then disconnect and re-connect the charger?
Ok, got it rebooted. I really hope, this is an 4.2 issue, and it will be fixed.
Wow what a great job!
I'm sure it will be helpful for all of us. 
Thanks. Just testing the reboot issue... Got some logs, but nothing so helpful...
Galaxy Nexus owners are saying that their phones' displays are randomly turning on without any interaction

I got this issue on Galaxy Nexus running Android 4.1.2, not 4.2. version. It is gone now, most likely because I uninstalled several unnecessary apps - so it's probably a bad app, not Android itself.
+Vladimir Kelman yes there would be some apps in conflict with the system I guess.
But this upgrade seems the worst ever until now. 
I cant use my Galaxy Nexus(4.2) as a bluetooth modem (Ubuntu, Nexus7). With 4.1.2 it worked perfectly.
Just got a Nexus 7 for my dad and seeing this problem every 10 minutes or so.  It's a complete disaster!  Is there any way to roll back to previous version of Android?

Or has Google at least acknowledged this and given an ETA?
My personal N7 already got the OTA (but I don't have the random reboot problem myself).  The N7 I got for my dad hasn't gotten the OTA, and I've done a manual check several times.  I don't know how they stagger those OTAs, but his hasn't gotten it yet.

However, according to posts on XDA, 4.2.1 doesn't fix the problem, it just fixes the "December calendar" issue...
Oh right. So it's random. Some have it others don't... Don't have an N7. Is it supported by CyanogenMod? 
I don't have the CyanogenMod ROM on his tablet... just hoping to keep it simple for him with plain vanilla Android.  

This 4.2 is a complete disaster, it makes me regret getting a google device for him or myself.
Well, CyanogenMod on a Nexus is usually bug free as they've got all the sources they need. 
Thanks for posting those valuable info.I am facing the reboot problem regularly too.let's keep your thread alive if some solutions are identified.
By the way, I got an update from Android 4.2 to ... 4.2 (probably 4.2.1) on my Nexus 7 yesterday. Did you get it on Nexus 10?
+Vladimir Kelman Installing it right now. But they just fixed the December bug - which is the one I care less, if not at all...
4.2 on my Galaxy Nexus generally works OK, as it does on Nexus 7 (on 7 WiFi sometimes requires turning Off and back On).
I have all 3 the devices: the Galaxy Nexus is quite ok, although it seems much less responsive (especially Google Now). Nexus 7 same, but works quite ok. The real issues come with the 10 :(
I used to face the reboot problem every day on my nexus 7 or galaxy nexus but I haven`t faced the problem during the last 48 hrs.  I know that 48 hours is a short time to conclude anything, but I haven`t faced the reboot problem since I have replaced google chrome by Dolphin as the default web browser.

Anyone else tried that and could confirm that the reboot are no longer occuring when google chrome is not being used?
I use Chrome on both Nexus 7 and Galaxy Nexus and both devices work fine. Chrome itself isn't very stable, but no problems with devices.
Ive got the Bluetooth issue on my Nexus 7 however the biggest issue is lag and general responsiveness has degraded.
Own a nexus 10 for about a week with update 4.2.1 and can confirm all of these issues, except bluetooth, but probably because I haven't tried it yet ;-). It mostly the random reboots and auto brightness issues that bug me. Come on Google, give us some updates!
I'm having constant and random freezes/reboots, at first I was blaming overheating, but I've locked the cpu to 1500Mhz and the tablet doesn't get as hot as it used to but the freezes/reboots still happen.

Hoping that this can be fixed with a software update as I'm stuck with the tablet as I don't live in the US (where it was purchased) and I have no (secure) way to return it and get a RMA. :(
I have a Nexus 10 and Bluetooth Keyboard and mouse were working fine, but today, 1/17/2013, the Bluetooth mouse stopped working but the keyboard works OK. I tried the Bluetooth mouse on my W7 computer, and it works fine, so the problem is that the Nexus 10 is not processing the mouse signals. Both the Keyboard and Mouse are showing as being connected to Bluetooth. The keyboard works fine, but for some reason the mouse does not work. I checked the batteries and they are OK. My nexus working fine for over a month, and that problem just surfaced today. Using the surface gestures on the Nexus 10 work OK, but would like to find out what happened to the mouse. Actually when I opened setting without mouse, the Bluetooth was off, and had to turn unit of and back on to get it to work. This is the first time that I have had a significant problem with the device. Don't see to be suffering from the Reboot problem though.
I just bought the Nexus 10 this week. Still no fix! What is going on google!
Reboots 3-6 times a day. It usually happens after I switch users between me, my daughter, and my wife.
Well, still no luck getting Google to comment (or confirm) these very real issues that are affecting the Nexus 10. All they've said is a vague "we're working on it" and that was before the last update.

I'd suggest that anyone facing reboot issues report them here:

Let's hope we can make Google listen and respond to our cries, and finally sit down and fix the issues. 
It got a bit better with 4.2.2 but there are still random reboots. Some got rid of them as they've deleted all other users ...
I have the 7 and the 4, both have issues.  Not as bad with the last update, but still buggy.  4 reboots a lot.  7 is sluggish.
I'm experiencing exactly the same issues stated here. It's really bad with the latest 4.4.2 build.

Nexus 5 has it with default camera app, Nexus 10 almost everytime with app updates.
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