Is Nexus 10 - or Android 4.2 - buggy?

I recently got a Nexus 10 tablet: the device itself is really amazing, with a bright and sharp display, good audio, a nice piece of hardware. However, I do believe the tablet - or most probably Android 4.2 - is really buggy. I thought it had hardware issues at first, but then I noticed by googling around that I am not the only one with the same problems (with Android 4.2 in particular). I wonder why there are no articles on the main Android magazines about this.

Just sharing in case anyone else has the same problems: maybe adding complaints on the Google bug tracker will help to have them fixed sooner than later.

The first problem I noticed was with a Bluetooth keyboard: it is a cheap one, but it worked quite ok with the iPad, while with the Nexus is sometimes sending multiple times the same key press (not a huge issue, although annoying), and most of the times it disconnects and the Bluetooth stops working completely (can't even find other BT devices). Also, it seems like Wifi is affected as well, and if I turn it off and on again, it will never come back online until I restart the tablet.

Auto brightness
This is less big than the previous one, but still not nice to see: when the brightness is set to auto, it simply does not stay stable as it should. Sometims is too dark, then goes back to a normal value, then goes down again. Very annoying.

Self reboot
This is the BIG one: the device self reboots multiple times a day, even doing nothing so special. It happens to me most of the times when opening Chrome, by clicking a link or opening a new tab (I use Chrome a lot, so maybe that's the reason). It also happens using other softwares, like Youtube etc. and I couldn't  find a pattern to replicate it. Some people suggests to remove an app (HD Widgets), but I never used it, so it is not my case. This is really driving me crazy, because the tablet is really hardly usable with this issue.

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