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ICYMI: the best way to organize your #Kontakt patches: (Native Instruments #NativeInstruments)

Got a li'l promotion. I'll be the new President of the Academy of Scoring Arts (AcademyOfScoringArts). Excited to continue to help the community!

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Pretty cool when you're a teenager and you get your music performed by the LA Phil:

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Sheesh. Erasure (Official)'s A Little Respect is really a great little song.

Kinda shaken. Two car accidents in a row! Think I'm going to take the rest of the day off. (Everyone's OK.)

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An attorney so smart he owns the key of G.

Time spent exploring the new Ikea in Burbank (largest in the US): 45 mins.

Time spent searching for my car in the parking lot: 25 mins.

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What I do all day, every day.

Over the past year I've heard more mentions of composers switching from Mac to Windows than ever before. Anyone else seen this exodus?

Any friends have experience with creating those nice roll-up banners for presentation? Need some advice.
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