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Landed patches for multi-seat aware udisks

and also a patch to GVfs so the session only automounts devices plugged into the seat the session is happening on

Note that you can still mount a device that is attached on another seat but that requires additional authorization so you get a polkit dialog

Seems to work surprisingly well - not bad for a quick hack on a Saturday morning.
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I do have one question. You're a fragile snow flake?
nice. it seems Nvidia cards are not hotplug. so there would be no multiseat by Nouveau or kmod-nvidia. Am i wrong?
I could setup multiseat on F17 just by deleting some udev file which are automatically generated. and using logintech command to nominate some hardware to a special seat. and finally writing a myudev rule. the syastem works great but on a reboot I get all things messy. so I have to go to init 3 and log in as root an execute GDM START. in this way both seats work well. after updating linux kernel it happens seldom.  
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