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David Wood

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Anyone like coffee? You've probably heard of Kopi luwak, or civet coffee then. This company is getting the same taste by using microorganisms to ferment the coffee beans without it passing through the digestive tract of a civet. If you are so inclined, contribute and enjoy.

The flavor scientist for this company worked here at the USDA for a while, so this is a shameless plug for her new venture.
Camille Delebecque is raising funds for Cultured Coffee: Reinventing Coffee on Kickstarter! Teaming up with natural microorganisms to revolutionize coffee
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David Wood

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Such fun.
Science Fiction is a pretty broad genre. And one of the more popular sub-genres is Steampunk. And for a sub-genre, steampunk is pretty cool. Not to mention it has a devoted fan base and its own conventions (likeConTemporal). So it's no surprise that there are a number of amateur steampunk films - and many of them have some impressive graphics. This list is dedicated to these amateur works of art, which deserve more attention among the broader Sci...
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Thanks, will check them out.
+Peter Smalley 
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David Wood

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Try several before you think you got it
This was fun. You should try it.

No spoilers. In fact, I'm going to shut off comments so nobody ruins it.
A short game sheds light on government policy, corporate America, and why no one likes to be wrong.
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Doesn't matter. They wouldn't listen anyway. 
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David Wood

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This plant is called air potato or Dioscorea bulbifera, it was here when we purchased this house. It's invasive and fast growing (about 8 inches a day) and takes over native plants and trees. Today begins the war against it. The wife and I released about 100 beetles (Lilioceris cheni) that I have been told will do a number on this vine. I will report the results.
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I think we are reaching a compromise with bamboo, but have a ways to go with coral ardisia. Good luck with the air potato - it's a challenge down your way.
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David Wood

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Cooked Indian tonight. I think it was successful. Butter chicken, naan, rice, and homemade mango chutney. 
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I've never been to Florida or Maine so yes if I'm ever down there I'll let you know. Thanks.
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David Wood

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Made my own mango chutney today based on a friend from Nepal's recipe. I had to do something with all the mangoes in my yard, they are taking over my life. I like mango chutney and cream cheese, but someone suggested the following recipe. It's happening. 
Curry powder, raisins, and chutney pair nicely with cheddar cheese in this dressed-up tuna melt.
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Mango wine. Because it's better than splattering the house with mango pulp and having your wife hit you with a frying pan.
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David Wood

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I don't know if folks on here actually follow my research background, but it has been extremely variable. For the last 10 years it has been mostly agricultural research (aquaculture to citrus pathology). Now I do mostly sensory science, and the psychology involved it this area of research is like nothing I've encountered before. People experience food in ways others can't even imagine and is difficult to quantify.
My boss has worked with the researchers in this article and when I read it she gave me some fascinating background on tomato breeding and consumer acceptance.
Tomato lovers, rejoice, for science has achieved the impossible: the perfect supermarket tomato. The Garden Gem won’t bruise during shipping, it resists many of the major diseases that regularly decimate tomato crops, and it is a flesh-producing powerhouse, turning out up to 22 pounds of tomatoes per plant, which is...
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+Aala Devine Love There is a thing called "caps lock" on your keyboard - please disengage it? And go get educated about GMOs, because clearly you know nothing.
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David Wood

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Good news, but probably not enough money. Fight goes on.
A $1 million University of Florida research project to fight citrus greening has gotten the go-ahead in the state’s budget. Nian Wang, a UF/IFAS researcher, is working with a team to develop a microbial-based product, infused with patented plant-defense inducers and beneficial bacteria strains, that he hopes will cure citrus greening. Wang, a microbiology and cell science professor at the UF/IFAS Citrus Research and Education Center (CREC) in Lak...
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Hm definitely not enough money, but hopefully some more information comes from it.
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David Wood

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I think they feel sorry....sorry they got caught.
CEOs offer money-back guarantee to overcharged Whole Foods customers.
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This could be an onion article. 
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David Wood

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I ain't scared
Yes, I used science as a verb there. And when I say I 'learned to science', what I mean is I learned to read and understand a scientific study, I learned to think critically and apply the rules of ...
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How come you geniuses haven't come up with an explanation for the shape of her tattoo changing?
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David Wood

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Florida's governor vetoed funding for the +University of Florida's IFAS Invasive Pest Quarantine Lab (located about 500 feet from where I work for the USDA). This lab saved Florida taxpayers millions of dollars in agricultural losses due to invasive insects. This decision not only affects Florida, but its surrounding states as well. So let me issue a sarcastic, "Great Job Rick Scott" you've proven once again how short sighted you are.

Also FYI +Bug Gwen...bug related.
A UF/IFAS program focusing on the control of invasive plants and insects likely will close following a veto by Gov. Rick Scott. Not only was the lab denied an approved increase by the state legislature of $180,000, it also lost all other funding ($720,000) amid the record $461.4 million worth of special projects that also fell victim to the veto. The quarantine research lab opened in 2004 at the UF/IFAS Indian River Research and Education Center ...
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David Wood

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Is it me just cherry-picking or has this particular supreme court given the conservatives here in the US a larger than average number of shmacks?
In a 5-4 ruling, the Supreme Court justices say U.S. states cannot keep same-sex couples from marrying and must recognize their unions.
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+David Wood
You are correct.  The issue is that when a Democrat is president, he chooses the most one sided, liberal judges he can find.  Sotomayor literally listed her race as a qualification for the job.  Some Republicans in the Senate vote against these judges, but not enough to matter because Republicans generally feel that the president has the right to choose the judge of his/her choosing.
Democrats don't believe that.  When an overly conservative judge is chosen by a Republican president, Democrats vote as a group and block the nomination.
So what we have is a group of four Democrat nominated judges who vote for the liberal side 100% of the time and five Republican nominated judges who vote for the conservative side 80% of the time meaning statistically, liberals win every case.
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Best sushi I've had in years. Everything was fantastic.
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Good cafe au lait. People-watching at Jackson Square while sipping coffee is a real joy
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Great food. Can't believe more people don't know about it. Worth finding!
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I like the lobster ravioli and they have great wines. Good place to meet with a group in the middle of the week because it's not so busy. My friend can't have gluten, so they made him gluten-free pasta and made sure it didn't come in contact with any other pasta water. Nice touch. Will be back with friends.
Food: Very GoodDecor: Very GoodService: Very Good
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13 reviews
Great beers. Try some cheese curds.
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OK first of all, they have the cleanest, nicest public restrooms of just about any National Park Monument I have ever seen. Staff are polite, knowledgeable, and accommodating. Historical significance of this site is impressive. Try to make sure you are there for a canon firing demonstration, really adds to the experience.
Appeal: ExcellentFacilities: ExcellentService: Excellent
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About the most americanized asian dining experience ever. The food was good, but the prices were excessive for what you got. Was good overall, but I've been to way better, with lower prices. Doesn't live up to the hype.
Food: GoodDecor: Very GoodService: Very Good
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reviewed 2 years ago