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+Ting I made the switch to Ting earlier this month and replaced my ancient phone with a Galaxy S6 and one for my wife.  The phones have been great expect for one very annoying issue which seems to be unique when activating it on Ting CDMA.  There is a constant popup error stating: 'Service Unavailable - An unexpected download error has occurred. Please try again. Code: 30.'

It happens immediately after every restart and periodically throughout the day.  I found one other S6 user on Ting who has the same issue. He has an open ticket with Ting. Ting replaced his S6 but the same issue exists on his replacement device.  The source of the problem seems to be with the Mobile ID app that is preloaded on the S6.  It cannot be disabled.  Everything else seems to be fine.  Has anyone else been experiencing this issue or know of a possible resolution?
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To anyone interested, Ting is actively working with Sprint on this issue with the S6.  Follow along at...
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