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David Wimsey
The rambling of a high tech redneck.
The rambling of a high tech redneck.


I just started typing humans and spelled it Umans. Guess I never will get that one right :(

+Tonya Crosby +Matt Crosby
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I'd love to hear a good excuse as to why I can't just got to and file my taxes electronically at no charge. Why do I have to pay a 3rd party to send my information on my behalf instead of just doing it direct?

Why is it that I can use paper, which requires human intervention, for free, and deal with all the errors that go along with it, but if I want to use an electronic method, save myself and the IRS all the hassle of mail and data entry ... that costs me money.

This is fucking retarded.

This is one of those #MakeAmericaGreatAgain things isn't it ...
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+Thomas Strömberg Looks like I may be out for the Redhat Summit in May, you going to be around on the 8-10th? :)
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Where does one work when they value quality over quantity?
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So this story says that a guy called 911 from his car at 7am about a man laying in a ditch half naked but moving ... and then again at noon, to say he's still laying there but not moving.

The cops say 'we must have just missed him, he was pretty concealed'.

Just how concealed was a man who was seen twice by someone driving down the street in their car. By concealed do they mean that he didn't stand in the road and wave at them while they looked the other direction?

Apparently they put almost as much effort into this piss poor excuse for not doing their jobs as they put into finding the man. This is just disgusting. I'm pretty sure based on the story so far that they didn't even look.

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+Thomas Strömberg So we ( the Wimsey's ) had Five Guys the other night and in an renewed effort to get Jonathan to eat something other than pasta or hotdogs, I informed him he had to eat a hamburger.

So we get home, put everything on the table, I unwrap his burger which has the usual mustard/ketchup/lettuce/tomatoe and sit it on his plate and he says:



I promptly informed him that Mr Thomas shares his opinion of lettuce on a burger and removed it for him then proceeded to LOL for about 10 minutes.
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Good bye Key West :(
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For everyone caring about the Hurricane hitting Florida, remember:

Floridians have had a weeks worth of warning, they can drive to safety. Cubans, Puerto Rico and the rest of the Caribbean can't drive anywhere safe.

Mexico just suffered a 8.2 magnitude Earthquake, no warning.

All the people in Florida are really risking is losing some stuff that can be replaced unless they are too stupid to leave. Stop worrying about Floridians and worry about people who deserve it.
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I've been in the 'IT' industry for more than half my life at this point, and here I sit, writing software installers, something I once considered the most obnoxious and tedious part of being a developer . . . and I'm happy about it.

Its funny what 20 years does to your view of the world.

Also today I'm an SRE and use Ansible, then I write Windows apps and used MSI installers or NSIS, so thats probably got something to do with it.
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