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The rambling of a high tech redneck.
The rambling of a high tech redneck.

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For those of you who might want to disable video in Safari, you can enable the debug menu, then disable video from the Debug->MediaFlags->Video Requires User Action, probably the same for Audio isn't a bad idea

No more video on and on most sites (unless they use an ad overlay) you can click the video to play it, ahhh the good old days. Sites with something overlaying the video that gets the clicks instead of the video won't work. So you can't actually watch CNN or Weather channel videos ... fortunately, nothing of value is lost on those sites.

The key here is to run:
defaults write IncludeInternalDebugMenu 1
from a terminal and restart safari to get the Debug menu. Works in Sierra

Does anyone have a cure for video in websites for Chrome or Safari? By cure I mean I don't want any video in my web pages, ever.

Flash is already solved, I just don't install it and generally avoid Chrome so I never deal with Flash, but 'HTML 5' video is impossible to stop. You can 'stop auto play' which just means you can stop videos that don't use a javascript timer to start the video, which is what everyone does not to make sure their auto-playing ads still get forced on me.

So, how do I turn off ALL video in a browser, animated gifs being turned off would be fucking awesome too, but I'll settle for video for now.


The more he talks, the more I think: Can we please call a mulligan on this election and start over?

Can we run Nixon instead of Hillary and Carter instead of Trump?

I've never seen a person so unfit to lead ANYTHING in my life.

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My home is about to get lit. Yay fiber!

R.I.P Ms Fisher. Thank you for your part in the epic stories that I hold so dear. You'll always be Princess Leia to me.

If you call yourself a Democrat, I recommend changing that to independent. The idea of the DNC is long dead, they're all just lying politicians at this point:

HB2 in North Carolina, the bathroom bill ... Which Democrats swore to repeal as soon as possible and definitely as soon as the next governor was sworn in ... As one of their election campaign lies ...

EVERY SINGLE DEMOCRAT IN NORTH CAROLINA VOTED TO KEEP HB2 and not repeal it ... Roughly half the Republicans voted to repeal HB2 ... BUT NOT A SINGLE DEMOCRAT.

Newsflash: You guys lost to Trump because 'We, the people's are tired of the propaganda and lies. You just ensured you'll lose again next term you lying douche nozzles.

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Dear Google,

Congratulations, AMP has officially got me to switch to Bing across the board and today I begin the process of moving off Google apps.

It's been fun, but you're now officially abusing your position to force the market to benefit you more personally.

You are officially evil and scummy because of your behavior. Enjoy the fall, I'm sure it's going to take a while but you've jumped the shark.

So long and thanks for all the fish

Anyone notice that Hillary supporters are acting just like they ranted and raved that Trump was going to behave?

Reminds me of how so many people ranted and bitched about the things McCain said he was going to do ... but when Obama actually did those things ... that was the most amazing thing ever.

Get over it guys, she lost. But don't fret, the guy who won sucks just as much as she does and in pretty much the exact same way, the only difference now is that you won't be so delusional and blind following it because its 'the other guy'.

Politicians aren't different in America, only your perception clouded by 'team spirit' makes them seem that way.

Dear Google, how do I turn of this POS crap you call AMP and let my browser just display the normal F'n web view.


I don't a back button on the web page, the browser already has one. GO AWAY.
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