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I love the new comment button in Google Docs! It's even easier now to give students feedback on their work! :)
Click here to watch this video on YouTube Commenting in Google Docs just got easier. Collaboration is a strong feature in Google Docs and now there’s a feature to make your comment faster. An Insert Comment button now appears ..more ›
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Must have been a delay in this feature being deployed out my way. It showed up today and is AWESOME!
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David Wicks

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Apple's Tim Cook said "Assessments don't create learning...We are interested in helping students learn and teachers teach, but tests, no. We create products that are whole solutions for people." He went on to call Chromebooks "test machines."

Are your Chromebooks just for testing? If not please comment on this message and let us know how they are being used for communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking.
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Not why we bought Chromebooks, great to have additional devices that support testing though. I could talk about Apple products and say that they are consumer devices not well suited to enterprise... and where does throwing rocks at other products get anyone....? Really? Stick to designing great products and the market (people) will vote with their hard-earned dollars for what suits their needs best..
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David Wicks

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How would you like to have your cake and eat it too? It's now possible to embed free Poll Everywhere polls in Google Slides. No more flipping back and forth between poll questions and slides. Forget that presentation tool that only really works on the desktop. Taste and see that life is good in the cloud. Your audience will love the interaction. :) 
Display live Poll Everywhere polls in Google Slides

David Wicks

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Semantic Text Theme Generation in Collaborative Online Learning

#onlinelearning   #collaborativelearning   #learningpresence   
Online students' ability to self-regulate led to focused attention and time on-task. Given a need for more theoretical work in this area, as well as the potential practical benefits, we sought to compare differences between high versus low-collaboration teams in an online assignment to determine ...
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Thanks for reading the article and asking a question. 
The study found that students working in low collaboration groups recorded more ideas or themes on project topics in the areas of the course that were analyzed. Anecdotally, the instructors thought the group projects demonstrated deeper learning of the content than the individual products but the assignments were different so they weren't compared. It is possible that groups generated more themes but didn't record them or the researchers may not have analyzed parts of the course where the group themes were recorded. 

David Wicks

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Did you sign up for your Free Google Cardboard yet?
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David Wicks

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Thanks for sharing Phil! I look forward to trying this out with students.
Several of the Lake Stevens SD Tech Mentors piloted this Google Classroom addon last year and provided a lot of feedback to help shape its development (many of their students did so as well).  Their work and perseverance paid off as Google just released the "Share with Classroom" extension to Google Classroom.  Share websites easily with students, or have students share them with you.  A great addition to Google Classroom for sure.
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David Wicks

Discussion  - 
How Seven Teachers Created Their Online Teacher Identities.

How would you describe your online teaching identity? 
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Thanks for this article +David Wicks! Very interesting. This article reminds me of my grad school committee member's dissertation, which focused on the metaphors of teacher identity in online courses (performing, caring, directing, facilitating):
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David Wicks

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Have you heard the latest one yet?

1985 - "I lost my paper."
1995 - "I lost my floppy disk."
2005 - "I lost my thumb drive."
2015 - "I lost my computer."

#edtech #excuses
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I definitely have not heard that one yet, but that's hilarious...and sad :)
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David Wicks

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What technologies are professors told to use vs technologies they actually use (according to #nwaccit  participants).
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David Wicks

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Many online courses subscribe to a "make a post in a discussion forum and respond to somebody else's post" model to promote collaboration. We ask students to use Google Hangouts and Docs to collaborate on projects.

#googlehangouts   #HOA   #GAFE   #googledocs   #onlinelearning   #blendedlearning  
Faculty from the SOE, SPFC, and SBGE, along with SOE grad students and an undergrad psychology major working in ETM collaborated on a study that was recently published in the Online Learning Journal. The study was a product from a year-long faculty learning community project sponsored by CSFD ...

David Wicks

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The Digital Education Leadership program at Seattle Pacific University has been using Google Classroom as a learning management system (LMS) since it became available in September 2014. Faculty enjoy the ease of use and students enjoy learning with a platform they can use with their own students ...

David Wicks

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Need a collaborative recording studio on your Chromebook, PC or Mac? You got it.
#Soundtrap is a Chrome based web app that lets you record sound or create loop based sequences on any laptop or PC. It has a simple interface but a fair bit of power underneath. You can create s...
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Thanks for this, looking forward to using it with my class.
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