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David Weinstein
Empiricist & Ron Burgundy Fan
Empiricist & Ron Burgundy Fan

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Thrilled to be featured in Street Fight Mag!!

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Check out this awesome article about HomeKeepr in Florida Realtor Magazine!!

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pretty funny, i must admit.
Think Of A Number Between 0 And 20 ...

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Great event!

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Human joint-bone density remained pretty high until recently in our evolutionary history, around the same time that humans began switching from hunting and gathering to farming. #evolution #exercise #health  

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Saturn's Polar Hexagon

Imaged by +NASA's Cassini spacecraft in July, 2013. Calibrated and assembled using img2png and Photoshop. 

Image Credit: NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute/Kevin M. Gill

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Such a shame. I don't blame them, as they are a movie company, not a security company.

Still a shame to see a monster get what he wants.

Sony should just put the thing on YouTube and charge for advertising. 
Sony cancels Dec. 25 release of  'The Interview'

Update: Sony announced Wednesday that it will not move forward with the planned Dec. 25 release of "The Interview" after theater chains cancel showings following threat from hackers.

Earlier post:
After news that as many as 5 major U.S. theater chains have decided to drop “The Interview” from its screens amid threats from Sony hackers, Deadline is reporting the studio is preparing to scrap the rest of its planned TV advertising plan for the film. It’s estimated Sony will still be out between $60 -$70 million in marketing expenses, and Variety is reporting a plan is being weighed to release the comedy as  premium on demand video in an attempt to recoup some losses. 

Follow the latest on the Sony cyberattack at
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