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I'm excited that I get to interview +Amanda Palmer on Monday night at the Rethink Music conference. What questions would you ask?
Examine challenges facing the music industry in the digital era-rights, licensing & new business models--at Rethink Music conference, Boston, MA--Berklee College of Music & MIDEM with the Berk...
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Why do so many "musicians" produce such god-awful music?

I mean, c'mon: what's the point of rethinking something that hasn't benefited from "thought" in the past fifty years? I understand some people aren't qualified to think, or trained to think -- but shouldn't they at least have someone to think for them, and stop them from making more crap?

You can name on one hand the professionals in any genre who give a damn how their creations actually sound. Pat Metheny, fusion; Michel Camilo, latin; Quincy Jones, urban; Take Six, vocal... they stand out so far above everyone else, in every dimension of quality, that its a bit unfair even to list the poor sods in second place.

Or: Why would a person interested in making high quality music deign to join an industry that shows so little respect for that result?
Why has so much of the music industry given up on making anything innovative? The last "new" musical style was rap, and that's over 30 years ago (unless you count grunge, and you're still talking 20+ years). Where's today's Chuck Berry, Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon, Biggie?
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