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Anyone know how to save a google doc as a personal template? The instructions say to click on "submit" on the main template page, but I don't see any such button.
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+Gary Stock and +Sushubh Mittal are these magical URLs we just have to know or is there a path to them from the Drive UI?  I can't find a link to them anywhere in the drive UI at the moment.  
Dunno either.

But, if I type "template" my browser remembers ;-)
For the screen shot, upload it to your G+ photo albums.  You can get a permalink and drop it here or share it to your stream. 
Or just use a third party service like Imgur :) 
To verify you're in the same place as I am, in help desk style:

In your browser, display any page in your Google account.

Click your pic / identity in the upper right corner of the page.

On the menu that drops down, click [Sign out].

On the page that appears, sign in again (with email and password).

Now click to this page:

You should see (as already appears to be true) three tabs:

   [Public templates]     [Templates I've used]    [My Templates]

If so, scrolling to the right side of the page should reveal a [Submit a template] link in the same light blue bar where the tab names appear.

I realize you posted an image showing this page lacking [Submit].

I'm simply wondering whether the account had reached a funky state.

If by "Google Account" you mean "one lacking in G+ness," I believe my account looked/functioned this way before G+ existed.

While in that account, visit

Does a little blue "Docs" appear?  To my knowledge, that's the only requirement.
I don't know whether it matters, but are you using the new "Drive" UI or the old Google Docs UI?  The URL will say if using the new form of docs or if using the old format.  
+David Weinberger Thanks for posting your issue; I am having similar issues as detailed here . Sorry I have no solution for you. I'm replying to your post to add myself to your long list of replies with the hope that someone [from Google?] might post an actual solution. 
Best Wishes
Dan M
My template disappear after I come tomorrow. What happen with this function in Google Driver
Is it an EDU account?  Free business account, and are you the admin? (we can figure this out David... I'm sure) 
The templates aren't available for the Free version of Business Apps. And, they quit offering the free version last week. The ones that are free, will stay free...from what I've read. What's interesting about this is that templates ARE available for the COMPLETELY Free - Gmail accounts. BUT, the template becomes available publicly, so everybody in the world would have access to it...including the Free Google Apps Business account you have.(You're free to scratch your head and say 'wha???', the same way I did.)  I know it's just a work around, but... I've also confirmed it works by testing it with my old Gmail account.  
There used to be an option to "Create", "from Template" but that's disappeared since last week. We can still get at the templates page using the link that +Gary Stock posted above but no-one seems to want to talk about the missing menu option......
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