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My dentist is doing a hard sell on OraCure mouthwash. I see very little about it on the Web. Anyone ever hear of it?
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I'm a big fan of Crest Total Care.
I've been getting the hard sell on a bunch of stuff from dentists lately. Is this a new trend, or was I just lucky to miss it earlier in my life?

And, no, I've never heard of OraCure.
This stuff rocks.  I have been using other mouthwash products and all of them leave my teeth ultra-sensitive and make my mouth taste like crap.  This is the ONLY mouthwash that is worth the money, and it works so well sometimes the morning after the night I use it I forget to even brush my teeth, because my mouth feels so clean.  It's a two-part mixture, which tells you right there that it has an activated element that your $3 off-the-shelf window cleaner mouthwashes simply do not have.  I'm firmly a believer in 'you get what you pay for' when it comes to mouthwashes and toothpaste.  How often do you like to go to the dentist?  All he basically does is damage control for what we've neglected.  Pay now, or pay more later is the name of that wisdom tooth!
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