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Automated bug reporting: Crittercism vs +BugSense:

I have decided to clear out all the bugs the in the next version of +Settle Up. +Google Play Developer Console logs problem reports, but it's slow and it requires user to report it (most of the users will not bother). I cannot contact user who reported the error, which sucks.

I have tried these services:
- easy integration
- offers service which sends bug report in background
- cannot store custom data about user (like email) in free version
- interesting integration with forums - users could engage right from the app

- easy integration
- just 7 days data retention in free version
- allows to store custom data with the bug report (like email) in free plan
- APK size 124 kB less than with Crittericism
- notifications about fix didn't worked, but's it's not available in free plan anyway
- no service => bug report needs to be sent before app really crashes => lag in user interface

Result: Crittericism is more mature, but the ability to save custom information about user a is killer-feature for me. It's more important than drawbacks => I will use BugSense.

Update February 11, 2013: I have switched from Bugsense to Crittericism. It now supports custom data about users and there is not the limit of 500 crashes. 
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