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The Big Bang Theory apartment from season finale on Google Earth!

Last episode of the TV series showed Howard and Bernadette getting married on the rooftop of Leonard's and Sheldon's apartment while being captured by Google Earth satellite. I have compared the satellite images from the show with the real ones and found exact location of their (fictional) apartment!. Download this to view it in Google Earth:

You can browse it in Google Maps as well, but turn off the 45° view:
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Nice done! And obviously having plenty of time to spend after finishing your M's Thesis.
They have digitally edited few surrounding buildings. But if you look at the buildings on the right, they are exact match.
I'm friends with nerds. Lovable nerds, but nerds nonetheless. :)
Hele je to možný že ani na jedný straně nevidim ty jejich okna? ''Mřížkovaný''
Thats just a cut picture over the a real building he just cut the scene frome the movie and place the picture there ..... 
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