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Dear Microsoft, please take my money and send me a Surface.   #Surface  
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Boy, those tables sure are big and expensive.

Funny, somebody had a post here the other day asking what they thought Microsoft was going to announce, and, as a joke, I answered "Portable Surface".  I guess I was right.

I can see these things being confusing, with the "Pro" tablets basically full Windows 8 and the ARM tablets running Metro apps only. I wonder if there will be a group of people who start moaning when they get the ARM tablets and then realize they cannot run full Windows apps? I guess we'll see...
I'm so shocked that MS has a confusing naming scheme. 8)  I think it will work out ok though.  I'm still torn between RT and Pro.  If RT can do Office tasks then I lean towards that one.  90% of my laptop use is gaming so I don't need to duplicate that most likely.
Surface is a good name for a tablet series. It was a good idea to steal the name from the other thing.
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