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My big day out
COFFEE @ The Red Tree Cafe, Bowral 2576. Bowral and Berrima is a non-reversible word pair just as 'bacon and eggs' and 'house and garden' are. These words automatically and comfortably go together;...
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David Trounce

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While women have led the way in Pinterest, the last twelve months have seen the male demographic increase by over 70%, making male users the fastest growing source of traffic on Pinterest today.Coupled with the high level of user engagement,...
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Hi, I would love some advice on this. According to SEO Quake: A Website with no site map, no headings and no backlinks. Has a stuffed title with the keywords simply repeated 3 times. How is it ranking top 5 in Google?  ??
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David Trounce

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How to Get more long term Traffic to a small business website for free. #Business #Marketing
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David Trounce

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Tips from SEO Chat on How to rank what you write in #Google.
Here are the 5 of the 10 steps I use on each page to get me heading in the right direction. Try them on your own site if you haven't tried them ye
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David Trounce

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Hi, I need help translating this software screen. Can anyone help? I would really appreciate it. Thanks.
 If you click on the picture you can answer in the comments using the numbered references.
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David Trounce

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Should a business do an SEO link cleanup if they haven't been penalised?   #marketing #ecommerce #smallbusiness #google   #penalty  #seo
BG Digital Marketing
Should I do an SEO link cleanup?
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David Trounce

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David Trounce

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We're celebrating your community, your business, and the people that support you. Today, we launched a new program that makes it easy for local businesses to get found online and #OnTheMap Check it out at
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David Trounce

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Did you Know: 83% of Users on ‪#‎Pinterest‬ Don't have a Moustache? Good Pin Traffic Tips ~
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David Trounce

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The year was 1984.
Do you know what happened in 1984?

- CD players became available for sale
- Space Shuttle Discovery had its maiden voyage
- Genetic fingerprinting and DNA profiling was developed
- Ghostbusters, The Karate Kid and The Terminator were popular films
- Dynasty, Magnum PI, Knight Rider and Fame were hot on our televisions
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Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Design Consulting for Small Business like yours. I provide live one-to-one online consultation, training and support. Ask me Anything.
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Even if I knew that Tomorrow the World would end, I would still plant my Apple Tree.
David and his wife live in Port Stephens NSW, Australia and are the Founders of Mallee Blue Media, a Web Marketing Service providing SEO and Marketing for online small business.
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The Oyster Shack always delivers the goods. Fresh fish, good salads and exceptional service. Love these guys!
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Great staff, friendly Salon. When it comes to razors, these girls know how to chop, cut and slice your hair fifty ways from Sunday. Highly reccommended.
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