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Marketing  - 
A nice little tip from Michelle Gamble here. Take your trophy and turn it in to a campaign.
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David Trounce

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Short of holding a set of brass knuckles over your customer, how do you "optimise" conversion rates.

Simple take for those new to online marketing - and those needing to be reminded of how it's done.
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David Trounce

Marketing & Sales  - 
Good article.

What obstacles are you putting in the way of your customers or clients right now? What systems, processes or in house strategies do you have in place that actually turn business and customers away?

Stop what you are doing and make a list of those things. You'd be surprised.
Let’s be honest; nobody likes to put more effort into something, when he can have same results with less. This state of proceeding with …
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What's up with Face Ache? Animated heads.
Your Facebook profile is about to become a lot more... animated. In an official announcement, Facebook has outlined a raft of changes coming to profile layouts, including temporary profile images, a o
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+David Trounce That's interesting. I loved the animated profile pics in Google+. Let's see how it is going to work in FB.
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David Trounce

Discussion  - 
An interesting question over at What, if anything, would stop you from buying directly from social media?

You can take the 10 second Poll here.
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David Trounce

Marketing Ideas  - 
Meet Your Customer. His name is Mike. To know how to look after your customers, you need to know who they are. And what they need. And what they like.

Helpful little infographic on customer service online
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Clever ball of goo here from Forbes - it's really the only reason I linked to it, but maybe others will find it useful.
Use your competitors' content marketing to your advantage. Their social media and online material provides a good snapshot of what they're doing and gives you the opportunity to use their success and failures for your benefit. Here are a few tools to help you do it.
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It's easy to get sloppy with your outsourcing when you are in a hurry to get the client - and then get the job done.

Sure, I get that, as my grandma used to say, "Every mickle makes a muckle". All those quick and dirty jobs all add up.

But, as my dad used to say, "Do it once, do it right."

+Brian Hughes gives a good turn down on how not outsource your marketing and SEO.
3 Red Flags to Watch out for When considering to Outsourcing SEO. Like any business partnership, be smart about hiring an SEO freelancer.
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Thank you for posting, David!
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The problem with many social media marketing tactics is that we don't know we have a winning one until after the event.

What we need is some far-sighted futuristic individuals who can come and give us hindsight in advance.

Good article never-the-less
If you own a small business, you’ve probably realized that the idea of ‘marketing’ has changed quite a bit in recent years. With today’s online marketing tools, every business owner can be a…
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David Trounce

Social Media  - 
An interesting question over at What, if anything, would stop you from buying directly from social media?

You can take the 10 second Poll here.
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David Trounce

Business Relationships  - 
Meet Your Customer. His name is Mike. To know how to look after your customers, you need to know who they are. And what they need. And what they like.
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David Trounce

Discussion  - 
Links are up, Google+ in Map packs are down.
I'm happy to announce that the results of the 2015 Local Search Ranking Factors Survey are in!
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Good study that's worth a look. The chart showing what readers want to read is golden for sites thinking of guest posts, or their own content. 
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The Oyster Shack always delivers the goods. Fresh fish, good salads and exceptional service. Love these guys!
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Great staff, friendly Salon. When it comes to razors, these girls know how to chop, cut and slice your hair fifty ways from Sunday. Highly reccommended.
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