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David Tropiano
Works at Avero Inc.
Lives in New York City
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David Tropiano

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Happy Birthday to the GIF
From Olia Lialina and Lacy Micallef to Chris Torres and Alan Butler, the Web’s finest artists pay tribute to the GIF with style and grace.
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David Tropiano

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Memorial Day Boat Ride / NYC Harbor
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David Tropiano

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For those in the local NYC area, and those that were privy to this festival, it was rough. I worked all weekend on the production team managing one of the tents (actually, the tent where the now infamous "fried-chicken fight" broke out). It was, without a doubt, chaos. Largely unprepared for the hoards, Saturday was rough. Sunday was far better, but there were still a lot of areas to improve upon.

However, I witnessed, all weekend long, hospitality in the truest sense of the word. I saw people falling all over themselves, to do whatever they could to get a burger, a beer, a bottle of water to all the people that were upset, tired, angry, drunk and all combinations therein. People tried exceptionally hard to give people a great experience, all day and all night, and always with a smile, albeit a tired one.

I worked with April Bloomfield as she butchered a whole pig and took polite, interesting questions from the assembled crowd. I grilled steaks with Chef Michael Anthony under a tree canopy as eager and involved people talked about great experiences at Gramercy Tavern. I watched Amy Schumer and Tom Mylan destroy, with as much dignity as their inebriated minds could muster, an entire steer with the help of an ambitious 12 year old from the audience, bestowed with a hacksaw and the cheers of the crowd.

It was not the shitshow that everyone is making it out to be. It was just an ambitious festival that had a bulls-eye on its head from the start and like everything, as a whole shouldn't have been judged on Vol 1, Issue 1.
I had a fantastic time and am looking forward to doing it again next year.
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Great post, Dave!
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David Tropiano

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I'm probably going to take a lot of crap for this, but I agree almost 100%.
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David Tropiano

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This story gets better and better. If you haven't donated to BEAR LOVE GOOD CANCER BAD do it TODAY. 
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David Tropiano

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I've never heard of either or - but I haven't been this amused by an internet squabble in a long time. Read, enjoy and donate a $1 - Cancer Bad!
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David Tropiano

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Does this make my Google friends wax poetic the old days of Google's IPO? I know +Randy Meech and I had a blast back when...
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David Tropiano

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A seamless experience from end to end. Great communication, nice packaging - really happy with the result - especially considering these tapes were more than 20 year old in some cases and have quite a bit of travel. Was so happy I sent 13 more after the original 4 - looking forward to getting those as well.
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