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The launch of Windows 10 probably marks the single biggest spyware distribution ever... and people are choosing to get it!

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Probably the best use of artificial harmonics in music - at 3:08

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The ultimate and undeniable proof that shrinking clouds through psychokinesis in August exists. Now, close your eyes and repeat... "Cluuuuude become a sqyuierr shehp cluuuuud" ;)

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Hilarious! Francis' rage coming at you live in 720p at 30fps ;)

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Google+ says "write something" in this field, but... what can one possibly write to do this art justice?

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The situation is getting out of hand...

Spoon boy : Do not try and bend the iPhone. That's impossible. Instead... only try to realize the truth.
Neo : What truth?
Spoon boy : There is no iPhone.
Neo : There is no iPhone?
Spoon boy : Then you'll see, that it is not the iPhone that bends, it is only yourself.

#bendgate   #matrix   #androidiani  
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Yet another bunch of beautiful Xperia devices. A bit fast for an update, though ;)
We’re rolling out a whole range of new and improved software features for our Xperia Z3 series – discover our incoming software highlights in our latest video: 

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Ultimate (and hilarious) proof that programmers are evil ;)

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Thank you, Google! For realizing that this whole 1080p stuff may actually be "a thing" and allowing mobile users to enjoy High Definition through your updated YouTube app for Android. Yes, 1080p via WiFi is doable!

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+Brendon Wadey Ugly fonts in Chrome... 2 years in the making and it still looks like shit. Gotta love the irony of Google's Web Fonts looking horrible... in Google's own browser ;)
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