Vinyl windows and installation are two different things.   Another contractor did this before I got there to use my amazing caulking technique.  Most installation companies pay their help $35 to $65 per window to do installations.  I on the other hand pay myself $100 a window to do pretty installations.  It may be the same window but the end results are considerably different.  I burned down 9 different sub contract crews this year and none met my installation requirements because of work that looks bad.  Your $600 window should look like a new Lexus, not a messy pile of crap.
Don't let this happen to you.  These vinyl replacement windows were installed by another vendor.  It's the same product that I sell but as you can see, skill in installation is not the same amongst all vendors.  You can make a perfectly awesome replacement window look like hell fast and no, there is no cure for poor workmanship.  What's really sad is the customer probably didn't even save any money by using these guys instead of me.  They had to get a terrible install to appreciate someone who does pretty installs.   This made me sad to see.  I did 11 windows on the front with the arches and circles but they have to be just above these.  Sad for my work to be next to someone elses.
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