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A Superbowl commercial that was more than a commercial...
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This 7-minute video feature will help you appreciate the real meaning and reason behind doing the Ice Bucket Challenge, how it started, and it will give you a small glimpse into what it looks like to live with ALS. 
**This is "must watch".** (and I seldom say that)...
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David Tonen

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This is worthwhile "summer school" for your business or church! Great work +Mike Allton!
Google+ University

With 40+ articles and counting, it occurs to me that there’s quite a bit of information on our favorite social network within my site, but they’re not so easily organized or discovered. So, I’ve put together this resource for you so that you can jump in wherever you need to. Whether you’re at the 101 level or the 501 level, there are articles and resources here for you.

GOOGLE+ 101: Introduction to Google+

01. The Power of the +Plus 
02. Social Media Active Users by Network [INFOGRAPH]
03. Should Google+ Be a Digital Marketing Priority? 
04. Top Google+ Influencers and Educators 
05. Learn About the Benefits of Google+ with Mike Allton [VIDEO]

GOOGLE+ 201: Getting Around The Plus

06. How to make Google+ your favorite Social Network 
07. Guide to Formatting Google+ Posts [INFOGRAPHIC]
08. 6 Ways a Formatted Google+ Post Will Increase Engagement and Interest
09. Secret Tips to Using Google+ Circles 
10. The Complete Social Media Cover Photo Guide
11. How to Save Google Plus Posts for Later Reading 
12. How to Link to a Google Plus Post 

GOOGLE+ 301: Growing Your Business with Google+

13. Manage Google+ Pages from Mobile - 
14. How To Create Google +Post Ads 
15. Are You Mining Google Plus for Gold? 
16. Google+ Releases Gorgeous New Site Badges 
17. Use this Amazing Technique to Increase Blog Engagement on Google+ 
18. Is your brand listening on Google Plus? It should be! 
19. Promoting Content with Google+ 
20. 8 Ways to Get More Google+ Page Followers

GOOGLE+ 401: Advanced Plussing

21. How Not to use Google+ 
22. The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Google Plussers
23. The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Google Plussers [VIDEO]
24. Should You Plus Your Own Plus Posts? 
25. How To Get Full-Bleed Images on Google+ - 
26. How to Track Google+ Post Impressions 
27. Key to Virality: What's Hot on Google+ 
28. Explore the Benefits of Google+ Ripples 
29. Anatomy of a Viral Post

GOOGLE+ 501: HOAs, Tools & Communities

30. How to Test and Refine Your Google+ Strategy
31. Brand Your HOA to Positively Impact Your Audience 
32. How to Mention a Google+ User or Business with Buffer 
33. How to Mention a Google+ User or Business with HootSuite 
34. Scheduling Google+ Posts, The Complete Guide 
35. How to Create a Google+ Community 
36. Stop the insanity! Keep Google+ Community posts off your profile.
37. The Best Google+ Communities 
38. Cleaning Up Your Google+ Communities 
39. Understand and Monitor your Google+ Followers with CircleCount 

GOOGLE+ 601: Google Authorship

40. Google AuthorRank: Fact or Fiction 
41. Google Authorship - are we there yet? 
42. Is Ranking First on Google All That Matters?

This is a lot to cover, so bookmarking this post would be a good idea. (See #11 & #12 above). You can also pin the post to Pinterest!

If you have any questions, or would like more hands-on help developing a strategy for success on Google+ for your business, circle and private message me and we’ll start a dialogue.

Learn everything you need to know to get started on Google+, and start using the platform to learn and grow!

#GooglePlus #SocialMedia #GooglePlusTips #Business  

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The Social Media Hat -
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Thanks for sharing!
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David Tonen

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"Our lives were meant to be signs that point beyond ourselves to God." ~ John Ortberg, Soul Keeping
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I have over 700 followers on G+. I would like to challenge all of you to do something worthwhile with G+ today.
A good friend of mine +Brett Ullman is trying to help people struggling with mental health. This is very important to me and him. If you would please partner with Brett in this incredibly important project I personally would be very grateful to you!
Brett Ullman (Worlds Apart) Digital Media Project (Walking Wounded: Mental Health & Self Injury And The Sex Talk) We teach our kids to ask for help when they need it and as we watch our children mature we remind them, “If you ever need anything, just ask." As adults, though, when we need help ourselves, we rarely ask for it. This is certainly true of me in my own life. For years people have said to me, “If you ever want to do something and c...
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David Tonen

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That producer who contacted me yesterday from ABC's the link of the footage he used in their story on Arthur (my video is at the 55 second mark):
The severe weather brings dangerous rip tides from North Carolina to New England.
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David Tonen

SEO Community  - 
I have been a member of this community for some time but this is my first attempt to reach out for help...for your wisdom (if you care to share it ).

I need help problem solving an SEO situation that I have never encountered before. Here are the details and what I ahve already tried to problem solve:

Site Development: I and my company did not design the site but ahve been hired to help fix their SEO (something I do regularly).
Site CMS: Wordpress 4.1
SEO Plugins: All in One SEO and Google XML Sitemap

Issue: They want to rank for a Google Search for "pedorthics canada". Last May/June I accomplished this for them and they were happy. Somehow in fall 2014 that search result disappeared entirely. I cannot even get to yield an organic result in Google.

What I have done:
1) Checked if site is indexed and it is
2) Homepage is indexed
3) Ensured that "pedorthics canada" is in live text on the homepage (twice), that is also the homepage title tag, and H1 tag, images are properly named including keyword string.
4) Sitemap is submitted to Google and via Webmaster tools
5) Cleaned up all crawl errors and structured data errors in Google Webmaster Tools.
6) Created Google Local for Business Listing and G+ Page.

Insight requested: As you look at this, is there anything you could suggest I try? I am very stumped. The frustrating part is that a "pedorthics canada" search yields no listing at all. That is what I want to fix. I welcome any insights you might like to share! Thanks!
Pedorthics Canada (Pedorthic Footcare Association of Canada) is a pedorthic self-regulatory body which verifies, monitors and supports the competent and ethical
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Check your Backlinks:
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David Tonen

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A nice collection of visual Do's and Dont's to make us all better socially online...
#socialmedia do's and dont's. Use these as a platform and develop what works best for you & your client
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David Tonen

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If you are looking for a creative way to raise funds for your next church or ministry project,, consider using Casting Your Net:
Also, please follow them on Twitter:@CastingYourNet
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Ever wondered what Christian Crowdfunding is? Here is a good article that will give you some ideas for fundraising at your church:
Christian Crowdfunding is fundraising for a church, a mission, or ministry project where the funding comes via individual donors on the Internet.
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David Tonen

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A worthwhile read from +Brett Relander - you do have to this strategically if you want to be effective in reaching this valuable demographic...
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So I get this email a bit ago: (I love social media)

"Hi David, I’m a producer for ABC World News with David Muir and saw the footage you posted on YouTube of the Arthur in Nova Scotia today. Is it okay if we use it? Thanks!
Matt German | Producer | ABC News" +ABC News

Of course I said yes!
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That means you're doing something right, +David Tonen!
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    I believe in helping church leaders who want to communicate effectively and helping business owners to be successful so they can do good in this world with their profits.
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    Marketing of university textbooks.
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    Sales of educational textbooks at universities/colleges in Atlantic Canada.
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I love to educate church leaders so I write about communications strategies on my church marketing blog, through The Gospel According to Google, and through my church marketing podcast.

I am also a church planter and leadership team member of LifeBridge Community Church and I manage to help churches in Atlantic Canada to communicate and network together.

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